Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas

Well We've survived another year, we've grown, maybe for the better, maybe for the worse.
Christmas is about giving, yet still people don't care, don't even much for the vagaries of nature.


Monday, December 18, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Yes, we made more changes. Switched the whole burrito and cheese sauce (mmm...Taco Bueno) over to "Blogger in Beta." Also made a couple of other visual enhancements. The green theme was getting a little old, along with the top banner, so those got switched. I'll report on why the U.N. flag is up there at another time. At the bottom of the page, little funny quotes will be cycled in and back out as I think of them. Hopefully, they will make you at least smile. We're currently thinking about what writing will occupy the banner on the left side of the page. Might take a few days to figure out.

Oh, and while the feel of the place might come off as a more serious and "up-right" blog, trust us, it's still the nonsence and stupidity that you can expect from a couple of teenage boys on different coasts.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

It's a good day today.

"But why John? Why is today a good day?"

Because I got to roll around in the dirt while getting my truck off the jack stands. Mostly I got my truck running again. It's been sitting idle in a storage lot with oil in the cylinders to keep "Betsy" (Yes, I named my truck) from freezing up. And she runs again! Now just to solve the mis-firing, the emmissions problems, and the mothball smell in the cab.

"Leatherneck" (my Saturn), got her water pump fixed this week too. So there's no more filling the coolant tank. For now at least. The only problems left are the frozen power door locks, the peeling clear coat on the door surrounds, and the speakers that cut in and out. "Leathernecks don't die, they adapt and survive." Fuckin right.

So I got dirty, my hair has vestages of motor oil in it, and things are going good. Hoo...Rah...


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Transcendental Free Versing...

Put myself into a semi-lucid trance and started to free verse to see what would come out. It's not much, and it definatly far from complete, but it's at least something...

Materialism with materialist possessions
Super model looks, super model flair
Super fast car, all the aftermarket parts
You flash your cash, the ladies come hither
A lack of personality, such a catastrophe
Your night’s been flat-lined, hit with a clothes line
Open your mouth, idiot words pour on out
Whilst I sit in the corner and ponder
What ladies see in you I wonder?

Take a shot of my scotch, my vision is blotched
Continue stumbling around, all over this town
Evade the black-and-whites, on this lonely night
Slide around the corner, the distance I hear thunder
Find a place to run and hide, an alleyway I do ply
I ran into you, stunning, gorgeous, and intelligent too.

Took me by the hand, led me out of the storm
Offered a place to bed for the night, take pity in my plight
Rested my weary head, dreamed of scimitars and many dead
Nightmares kill my sleep, no more midnight eats
Your place seems familiar, I’ve been here before
My memories have faded since we last met
That night was cold dark damp and wet


Johnny Rumble:

I'm contemplating transfering over this blog from Blogger servers to our (read: mine) own. Unfortunatly, I would have to go about build my server, and then setting up our own personal blog website on it. While it wouldn't take that much to do so, I'm still on the fence about doing so. The extra work, the periodic maintenance, the set up, and what not. Even though I do think it would very cool to have our own very unique webaddress, I put off by the fact that both Trav (VWP) and Katlynn would not be able to follow.

I'll think on this some more and re-address this issue later.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Because Blogger won't allow people to post more than 5 pictures at a time, you'll have to click on a link.

Pictures of the Beale Touge, some of the road, and some of the surrounding scenery. If I can do it, I'll get a video of the drive. While it won't give you the whole expirence, it will hopefully give you a taste...


Small Update Time

In creative writing we're doing a poetry unit, and I'm writing new stuff- I got bored redoing previous ideas. So now I'm trying to write new stuff, which preferebly won't turn out horrible. If it isn't too bad then I'm adding it; the only problem is most of the poetry assignments she's having us do restrict our creativity with the constraints of the assignment.

On another note we are doing our own modern stereotype prologue a la The Canterbury tales. I will hope to use this as a basis(characters, general characteristics and the details) to get me focused back into writing, since ive been doing these poems I've not really had a chance to get writing any type of story.

My hope is to get back into writing and try my hand of another short story, and any progress deemed readable I shall forthwith put up on the blog.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Had a discussion with my English chap about how to determine what bands consitiute as "emo" or not. Here's the results...

Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
it might be good to establish what exactly counts as emo these days
John/KWP says:
that's a long and slippery road....
John/KWP says:
cause there are so many examples that are, but arn't by the same token...
John/KWP says:
we could say Fall Out Girls are, but then there's the Dance song that has no emo tones....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
the lyrical content is emo
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
that's for damn sure
John/KWP says:
not from what i've heard....
John/KWP says:
hang on...i'll look.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
I'd say it does
John/KWP says:
John/KWP says: does....
John/KWP says:
i wasn't hearing the words though...
John/KWP says:
okay....maybe a better one would be Jimmy Eat World?
John/KWP says:
early vs. now maybe?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
well Jimmy Eat World were called emo back in the days of "The Middle" so I'd call them emo cos that's what was labelled to them back then
John/KWP says:
I don't remeber The Middle being called emo...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
maybe it was just over here
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
it was where I first came across the term,that and dashboard confessional
John/KWP says:
perhaps we have your kind to blame for the whole scene....
John/KWP says:
your kind=British....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
possibly,UK music journalism is just shoddy,and then it spreads everywhere else
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
NME being particularly to blame
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
The Middle is defantly not emo....
John/KWP says:
If it is emo then TRM's Best Day Till Tomorrow is emo...
John/KWP says:
John/KWP says:
there the lyrics...
John/KWP says:
perhaps what we really need to figure first is by what standards how we define emo...
John/KWP says:
is the lyrics, the music, the stage antics, or the members apperance?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
i think appearance plays a large part,hte antics onstage less so,cos I've seen some emo bands act just like a proper punk band,the music I think should not be ascertained (cos music itself is blameless) and the lyrics are also important
John/KWP says:
I vote purely by lyrics...cause appeance is a fashion sence, and that changes routinely, Stage Antics don't matter cause it's all about the hat of the moment, and the music not at all....Screamo being an exapmle...
John/KWP says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
well fallout girl's bassist partakes in stage antics that are reminiscent of both blink AND the offspring
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
dance dance minus lryics would be a badass punk song
John/KWP says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
and the way the band dresses certainly shows them up as an emo band
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
in my eyes
John/KWP says:
granted, but that's the problem..."in your eyes"
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
I know
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
what do you think?
John/KWP says:
that relies on induvidual perseption....
John/KWP says:
i vote on plain lyrics....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
while everyband can be accused of creating "emo-esque" lyrics at some point, a trend does emerge if a catalogue is taken as a whole....
John/KWP says:
if there is a consistent trend is creating emo lyrics then the band is emo....however there are varying degrees of emo.....
John/KWP says:
blink-182 would never be grouped with Fall Out Boy in terms of Emo-ness....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
but their last album....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
that wasn't proper punk
John/KWP says:
regardless....they never were punk to begin with...they were pop/punk.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
yeah that's what I meant
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
and look at angels and airwves
John/KWP says:
and i'm looking at the whole catalouge to begin with....
John/KWP says:
and that's not blink...
John/KWP says:
that's Tom....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
the wrong one
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
you heard +44?
John/KWP says:
I have a few songs....
John/KWP says:
and yes...that is emo...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
but it follows the blink trend....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
I thought it was more pop-punk but then again I've not heard it yet
John/KWP says:
now you have....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
no mate,I don't want it if it's emo
John/KWP says:
it's not totally emo, but it does have it's tones....the music and production are great though....
John/KWP says: can just delete it if you don't like it...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
I'll give it a listen
John/KWP says:
I'm a punk stalwart, but i find it to be quite good...
John/KWP says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
fair enough
John/KWP says:
When all the music created as a group is taken as a whole, a label can be placed on the group it self....
John/KWP says:
think about this....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
it's easier for people to lump bands in with others
John/KWP says:
if the only Green Day album you had ever heard was 1039 Smooth, you would prolay say that it is emo....
John/KWP says:
it being Green Day.

Transfer of "Plus 44 - When Your Heart Stops Beating.mp3" is complete.

Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
yeah I probably would,lo-fi emo though
John/KWP says:
but because you have heard the other albums and heard the other sounds, they get labeled as a pop/punk band, heavy on the punk....
John/KWP says:
Let's say Metallica created an Emo album....
John/KWP says:
just one, and then went back to thier shittastic metal.....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
heard of load?
John/KWP says:
would the bands label still not be metal?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
on metallica boards there's been arguments over whether the load/reload albums are emo cos they focus a lot of James' feelings rather than anger
John/KWP says:
okay then....theres the example....
John/KWP says:
but Metallica is still known as a metal band right?
John/KWP says:
you see what i'm getting at?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
yeah I see what you mean
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
not so much metal any more,but they're trying to be metal again
John/KWP says:
but you understand....
John/KWP says:
thus, when we go about defining emo, i feel that the catalogue of lyrics are the way to do it...
John/KWP says:
I mean, you said it yourself...GD'
John/KWP says:
s American Idiot feels more emo than normal.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
but you still think that GD is a pop/punk band correct?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
more or less
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
if they're next album is like american idiot it might be time to class them as emo
John/KWP says:
your spliting hairs, where i'm trying to be general, but okay....i see your point.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
at least until they change direction
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
yeah I'm bad for nitpicking
John/KWP says:
really? i hadn't
John/KWP says:
so just going by what we have come to a semi-lucid conclution.....who consituties as an emo band?
John/KWP says:
Fall Out Boy defnatly....
John/KWP says:
Coheed and Cambria...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
My Chemical Romance.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
dashboard confessional
John/KWP says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
or would you call them goth punk?
John/KWP says:
extremely lo-fi.
John/KWP says:
recent AFI....lo-fi emo...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
miss murder reminds me of marilyn manson actually
John/KWP says:
but when all albums put together.....i would say kind of a horror punk in the likes of Misfits...
John/KWP says:
Sing the Sorrow had a differnt lyrisist.
John/KWP says:
Or maybe later TSOL.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
but the imprint of the offspring on them I'd say,especially when they're early stuff was released on dexter holland's label
John/KWP says:
John/KWP says:
which is why i say Horror Punk as a whole.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
John/KWP says:
Horror takes into account sing the sorrow style, and punk the early stuff....
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
fair enough
John/KWP says:
Jimmy Eat World?
John/KWP says:
lo-fi, i feel.
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
when you say lo-fi,do you mean grittier?
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:
bit more harsh
John/KWP says:
i mean "not as much emo as others" Emo lite if you will...
Fo Shizzle, Iainizzle says:

Opinions from the masses?


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let Us Be Ourselves

Everyone's opinion's
Just a bunch of air.
Can't you all,
Just leave us alone.

Living on those knobs
Or dying on your feet
oh such a puzzler.

We love life so much,
Yet we're always so morose.
gloom and doom abound.

Just let us be ourselves


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cynical Psycho

You’re a cynical psycho
The chip on your shoulders
Is far too heavy
The weight of the world
Surrounds you.

You’re just driving deeper,
Always just asking questions
No hassle did I give
Nor excess trouble cause
But those who disrupt
Continue on driving the thorn
When you give them the chance



Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Glimpse of Life

No Way

No life, no friends,
No Way

Sitting here in this room
Computers clicking away-I'm a ghost invisible.
All of life is the same, you think they care
Until you say it or put pen to paper,
One moment they're friends,
Then one moment you have

No life, no friends,
No fucking way

You just sit there in this fog
As the darkness comsumes you;
Forever in shadow.
You depend on a few, the anchor in a storm,
Yet the cable breaks, and so too does your lifeline.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remember the Sacrifices

Remember all the soldiers, sailors,and Airmen, in all the wars who've fought and died around the world to help end conflicts, through both World Wars, and other battlegrounds and those currently in the armed services, serving in harms way, to protect and defend the rights of others.

A new year, again the parade
Pomp and circumstance
It never shall fade.
For long gone is your gloried prance,
A memory now dusty with age
The gas's long gone, and your life's returned
For the 11th hour on that 11th day you came away
Flanders Ypres Gallipoi
Their calls you escaped.

A generation and ten fold the horrors
All the streets mothers, again set to wailing
They pour their tears.
The drawn Curtain on jungles shadow is lifted.
The morals less clear, yet still you go forth in fear.

Many a year has passed, and now they've need of you once more.
The die is cast, another son off to war.
the line in the sand is new, but the feelings of old remain.
Victory for you bloodstained cover is not to be, for the bullet you could not stop.

Long ago a parting gift was gave,
and then was carried forth,
Through Flanders, portugal and Spain
Comfort was the words you gave,
far off upon that desert roof
Presiding over death
Never expecting your next call,
to come from thine own self.

many a fellow's brought you back,
for though you've a shabby jacket, your spine is strong.
For another generations call you wait, once more onto the beach.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
The Great Mistake...

The guns have stopped firing
7:30 on a gentle July day
The 1st of the month
The last day for many
Your captains whistle has blown
Up over the top and away you go

Six Hundred thousand
Sent to their early grave
The Great British Fuck Up
On this gentle July day.

You expected in to be easy
Thought you’d survive to the end
A week left in the trenches
Paris in sight by weeks end
Yet you lay motionless
For all to be seen


Straight into the devils lair
Machine gun fire, Endless slaughter
Wave after wave of human death
March you did, died as well too.
What did you die for?
Only a mile or two.



Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sol's tear

The rain comes down
As the fine mist glows,
For Sol’s last ray,
A tear’s been shed.
No longer does the fiery atom
Looking up from its resting place
Show impatiance
A sneer glowing with joy,
Replaced by triumphant vindication
Our decency taunted by the animal’s rage.
And with it a final battle the atom brings forth

Oi Trav


Okay so I got into a debate in class about this the other day and I want your opinions... can a relationship last if the two people in the relationship dont see eye to eye on the subject of "religion?" Yes I know touchy subject...

Johnny Rumble:
Life Update Time...

What to say, what to say... parents are in Korea for the next two weeks, so I've got this craptastic governement housing all to me lonesome self. Horray for solitude.

My dog Sweetie was diagnosied with low Thyriod a few weeks ago and got her perscription. She's been doing much much better now. She can acctually acsend the stairs now.

I've discovered what just might be the best subsitute for sex in the area. And no, it's not cronic masturbation. But a couple of semi-touge (Touge, pronounced toe-gay, Japanese for "winding Mountain road." If you've ever seen Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift, the final drift sequence was filmed on a touge.) out just past the guard shacks. Smartville Road and Hammonton Smartville Road are both very interesting road to drive. Loads of corners and hi-speed sweepers. The road surface it self is of pretty shitty quality, so speeds can't reach too far beyond the posted limts. I've been flogging my itty bitty Saturn SL2 up and down the roads like a crack addict running between crack houses. The very same accident-prone SL2 with a leaking water pump. Yes.

My US history class here on base has been anything but fun however. Half the stuff that is covered here, I learned way way back in High school. Oh well...I guess that's what I get when I got to a community college. Lesson learned.

Also, I swapped phone numbers with this incredibly smart and funny (damn cute too) woman. But, alas, I'm nervous (okay, i'm a pansy) about calling her. I've always been keen on avoiding ackward moments if at all possible. I don't know, but I kind of hope she will call first, but I'll probably just have to grow some balls and dail the damn numerics.

Fuck it, I'm gonna go drive those touges again. At least I'm not nervous about flipping my car at 80 miles per hour. Weird how that works.


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well I've got a realization

Ok, I've come to a realization. I always try to act funny and its not working, I need to stop, its pointless all it does is cause a shitload of problems, and I'm through with trying to act like every other wise ass on the street corner. Everytime that I try that and be sarcastic, well it always back fires. I open my mouth, I cause trouble. I've somehow managed to really act like all the annoying smart ass pricks I detest. Well I'm sorry its taken me a while to figure this out. So well I hope to hell this matters to someone. I...really can't believe I've been this stupid... So I'm going to really try to make an honest effort to not act like the biggest person with the smartest mouth, because all it brings is trouble.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Breath the Sweet Air of Freedom...

Freedom is only a butterfly
Or maybe a bird of pray
Forever fleeting and flying way
It matters not if we live or die
Freedoms from want
Freedoms from fear
Freedoms so close at hand
And held further from the heart
I wish to escape the circle of life
And soar on the wings
Of that bird of prey
Monotony and drudgery
Occupy the holes in the heart
Fills the void like only fear can
It's the beginning of week
Beginning of the end
It's only Monday
And already you are destined to die
With out those freedoms
And with out those feelings
Life becomes a never ending circle
A wedding band and a car tire
Round and round it goes
Where it stops, you should know
Escapism from Materialism
I live the simple life
And breath the sweet air of freedom.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another night

The night is almost done,
The work has yet begun.
School tasks beckon,
With an early rise tommorow
Will bring another week of misery.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
OKC Streets...

Nothing between us
With no smokes to be had
We wandered around downtown
And gave our silent prayers
To those ghosts occupying
Those oh so empty chairs
So many things I was taught
So many things I’ve yet to learn
Seven years at home
Two years too far away
And still no smokes to be had

Pool Hall junkies
Made up prostitutes
Two bottles of whiskey
And the stories that never get old
I lay claim to these streets
These City streets that I call home
OKC streets, I’m coming home.

Secrets that were dirty in the day
Dirtier than the streets of the city
Less energetic than Bricktown in the sun
And too expensive to let go
Rolled our pennies down the streets
Nickels and dimes and quarters too
Our habits became our life
Stained glass towers, Zio’s Italian
Billiards in the evening
Old Milwaukie swill kept the gut turning
And the dirty secrets between friends


Rain whipped and hungry
Disaster shredded Del town
Our factory was closed down
And 3001 stands ominous
Against the runway backdrop
My memories of the Huskies
Have faded since I went away
Rich kids in Mustangs
No longer want to play
Dirt Road rally racing
Speeding tickets everywhere we went
And a single lit cigarette fades away


Slinging papers and pizzas
Furniture and soda to meet
Our small apartment’s monthly rent
Barely scraping by only with our wit
Plunked down the dough in my pocket
For this forty that we’re splitting tonight
My future lies with you old friend
So save some space for me
On your hallowed streets of Edmond
I’ll be back for a small spell
I’m sure we’ll have our fun then



Monday, October 09, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Now who's delirious?...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Now?

So the other day I registered to vote. Since my 18th birthday is this sunday I will be able to vote in November(and after too). Now honestly I want to vote, I try looking at the politicians and issues, but it gets tiring to try to keep up when they sometimes change their opinion, or soemthing has been done and the stance they've defended has changed. Why vote for someone when the platform revolves so much?

Granted as the government here is elected by the people, for the people and peoples views change, should there not be some sort of constistancy to the process? I don't want to vote for somebody now who when they get elected will stand for the opposite? Yet also do I really want myself tied to a political party, with the way our country is being divided?

It seems that a persons political affliations are becoming more prevelent with all the debates this, anti that; I don't want to be beholden to a certain Ideology and have to answer to it when I don't agree on a certain issue...yet if I'm not beholden to a party then I can't vote in the states primary, only the general election.

See now because I haven't voted yet, I'm not sure how this will proceed, but I think you still have to declare which party your voting for, but I'm not sure.
If you do infact have to declare for one party over another, it would exclude me from making a choice based on personal and political policy, to put forth my support for a canditate based not upon the party lines, but upon who I think best will do the job.

Just a thought.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

I learned in Stagecraft once a long long while ago about the use of colors in productions. Pink is used to bring out rosy cheeks and present a childish image. Green was used to present death or morbidness. Brings out shadows, sunken eyes, and the like.

Our world is going towards death and morbidness. Our own towns and districts are being consumed by the flesh eating, soul stealing minions that we as GOOD Americans VOTE into office. As a nation, we give the pedophiles, the morally corrupt, Foley's and Cunningham's some of the HIGHEST public offices available. Doesen't that seem a little wrong?

What's worse, when the dirty acts are found out about, the deeds go unpunished and forgotten. How long must we as a nation put up with this? How long?

An accquantice of mine was right, America's future is the selfish, uneducated, no-work-ethic, consumeristic childern we are raising today? These kids of today will STILL be voting in morons after we are long dead and gone. I predict that before 2050 Congress will have over run the political landscape, have near unlimited power, and be able to control peoples lies with out batting an eye. And that Congress will be run by the same godddamn type of people that run it today!

As a nation we need to rise up and shout, "No! No, we will not allow our nation to be ruled by the corrupt, by the wrong, and by the dishonorable. We will not allow our childern to suffer the same political wrong that we face today! We fight and we die for the way we live, for our freedoms, for our livelihoods, and for our futures!"

Our Nation, my friends, needs to show our government that it not okay to spy on our citizens, to have our soliders killed in unwinable wars, to pollute our air and level our majestic mountains. Stand up and shout NO! to the oppressers, to the polluters, to the corrupt, to the United States Congress. Let there be freedom. Let there be unity. Let there be education. Let the Black, the White, the Latino, the Asian, the Arab, and the Indian stand together and form a cohesive bond and become friends.

A new days is dawning my friends. These City Streets will be forever changed, and forever be dynamic. These City Street will not be quiet, they will not lie down. They will rise up and never again be the docile sheep that once ran free. These City Streets will be our playgrounds, our riotgrounds. This revolution will not be quelled, this revolution will not stop. It will persevere until our world has changed for the better. This revolution will be televised, will be broadcasted on the airwaves, and reach the masses. This revolution will be by the people, for the people, and finally for the freedoms we cherish so deeply. This Revolution will...



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To look upon shame.

A poem on shame.


Nows the time
When you think
You'll run away,
thinking of long ago
That cold wintry night
When your blood boiled
Upon the heat of your pride
But oh! how you'll pay.
But oh! When all else has failed
You'll turn away and hide.

The shame fills you
But oh! what can you do?
The die is cast, your future.
The stone's been carved, So long ago!
That night has comeback
The price must be paid
For your time is up
That which you've done
Shall now be done forthwith to you
For the threads of fate are spinning
Being woven ever faster to your end.

The Vultures circle
The trap's sprung
Now the cage is full
For my frightened rat
The time is up


Friday, September 29, 2006

Hawkins story

The men were lined up ready to march, their lasers locked, and with packs strapped upon their shoulders all they awaited now was the platoon sergeant’s voice to ring out and sound the advance.

“Now isn’t funny Hawkins, how they’re waiting for us? Us waiting here is sure to cause Major Burns no end of consternation”. Horrigan has seen Raymond Hawkins looking at him mischievously and added

“We’ve kept him waiting long enough right lads?” At the last he turned around and addressed the platoon. They responded with a resounding loud chuckle. The whole company thought that Major Burns fine in battle, was too exuberant in the exercising of his authority.

“Ok, we’ve waited long enough, bugger the order, we’re marching with loaded lasers.”

“Platoon, load lasers, and present weapons for inspection” If the platoon and I will march into battle, then dammit, we will be doing it my way I thought.

I sent Horrigan on down the line along with the platoon sergeants to check that every laser had a full magazine, and it was locked. This having met my satisfaction, we proceeded to move out towards the Regimental staging area, where the men would draw fresh rations and ammunition and I would have to meet with Major Burns. I had only the next five hours riding in the Armored Personnel Carrier in which to get my story straight.

I had to get a favorable outlook, or I would be reassigned, most likely to either a desk, if someone still liked me, or at worst, the lead of a conscript battalion. To do this I would have to relate my actions up to this point, to build a case that I was not, nor still am incompetent or intent upon causing treason.

I sought out Horrigan’s advice. He was more then aid, he was my child hood friend and it was him who told me to volunteer for the Home Defense Force. If I joined the HDF he said, then the law couldn’t touch me, granted if I then broke military law, then chances are I’d still get to meet that big scythe and those accompanying black robes.

The whole episode started after the death of my parents, and Horrigan, took me in. He was only six months older then me, but at seventeen he was already feared by the guilds. He ran the toughest gang around, and he took me in. It’s my thought he remembered me when he lived in the floor above ours, back before his parents kicked him out of their house. This before my father got a new job and we moved across town.

It was barely a month after that that my father, on his way from the store was shot by some thieves who needed the use of his motorcar to further affect an escape. My mother died a year later, of heart failure. Because Horrigan took me in, I was able to still get my schooling done. I regret that I never could go on, but survival was more important and because survival was so important, it was for that reason we decided to rob the butcher.

We were trying to raise the money to bail Horrigan out of prison, for he had been locked up on a charge of causing a riot.We raised the money, yet by the time we had it in hand, Horrigan had already been forced in the Home Defense Force. It would only be a short time later when the government took me. With no where else, to go, no real trade skills or future even; I opted to cast my lot in with the HDF, completed training and was shipped out to bolster the military presence on the planet Griffyn. On my way there, I found that I had been reassigned to the Terra Army.

A second shock was handed to me in the form of a letter from the company purser. It seemed that before my parents died, they had given everything to me and they had a substantial sum. Before as I had been a vagrant, the letter could not have reached me, but now that I was a name and address again, the post had caught up with me. This meant I could buy my commission, but I would have to do it quickly for the Armament minister had decreed that the purchasing of commissions would cease on the first of the month, and forthwith from that point it would only be skill on the battlefield, or your speciality that mattered.

After so purchasing my Lieutenancy upon completion of the voyage, I reported myself to the sergeant of my new platoon, it was none other then Horrigan, and although he made feel welcome, he wasn’t quickly given to friendship. I was a link to his past, true, but that did not mean I was given his confidence, far from it, he was purely professional and did everything by the book.

Until battle was joined.

He led from the front, always the first at the enemy. The Army insists that sergeants are to carry a laser pistol and a large sword. Horrigan mocked this statement, for he openly carried a laser carbine, smaller then the standard trooper’s laser yet large enough to ensure a steady rate of fire and lethality; As well as a small sword. The sword was a brutish weapon, double edged, and with a sharp point. It was made from a special alloy, it was practically indestructible by most battlefield technology; the exception being a direct hit by broadside fired from a battleship. It was covered in black lighting pulsating along the length of the blade, which in addition to the damage done by the sword blade, would eat through armour and skin, cauterizing it within seconds of the stroke. It could be thrust into the enemy, slashed at him, or finally bludgeon him with the hilt. My first thought after battle was over was that Horrigan is the sort of person to emulate. I set out to seek his council, whenever I could.

As the years progressed, through battles, big and small; and the months spent in endless travel,I came to rely upon him more and more. After a brutal siege, I recommended him for lieutenant for during the past year he had been filling my former billet after I was promoted to captain, it was official by the Lord General. I was the commanding officer of a regiment, and Horrigan was leader of the First Company. This was the elite, the group that led the way forward and was the last onto the dropships at the engagements conclusion.

And so we passed the five hours, as I got my story straight and regaled the men, again with my story. It seems to never grow dull, and there is always at least a few who call out for me to tell, it. Some times I do and others I’m too exhausted or occupied.

[But I know the conflict has many long years ahead of it]
Ending line of story here.

Trav the Spaz

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Oi Oi! Probably doing this a bit late, but better now then never, So here I begin. I like Punk music, I like to write, People say I'm good at writing, but I think I suck...I help another person on a band forum run our blog. It's sort of a mutual friendship now at this point. The blog mainly constists of rambling, or poetry. Well ok, sort of poetry; generally they're supposed to be song lyrics but since we both aren't good at singing or writing music, they're not set to it. So poetry it is.
Managing the blog mainly constists of cleaning up another members's spelling mistakes. We've no control over what anyone blogs content wise. Spelling has to be mostly grammetically correct, but any idea is out there. So hence, one person's stuff is sort of dark, while mine can be at times dark, but mostly a bit happy. The third, well she doesn't really post much so she's sort of by the wayside, but what she does post is always funny and intresting.
I've tried my hand writing short stories, but most of the time they're not that long because I can't get past writing a certain part. I have it planned out in my head, or even in an outline, but uncovering the fossil is hard work.
Always willing to share my work, but generally only solicit peoples opinions of the people I know, or whose opinions that I value and seek-This also doesn't just apply to the blog but to my life in general.
I dislike AIM messanger and prefer Windows live(formerly MSN messanger) and am online most of the time, only I don't leave away messages a lot, so if it says I'm on, then I'm probably there at my desk.
I really like the band Rancid's songs, and whom ever writes there stuff is my song writing idol, behind Joe Strummer(if you don't know who he was, well then, erm right we've probably nothing in common musically then)
I try to be loyal to my family and friends and love my family unconditionally especially my siste. I'll haul off and hit anyone who doesn't speak of her in any but the nicest of tones. So don't start in on her and you should be fine. I love my freinds too, but in a slightly different way- it takes me a bit longer to get mad over them, but I'd still haul of because of them, just not quite as fast as if anyone talked of my family.
See the thing is, I'm sort of skinny and not much use in a fight, but thats not the point, the point is I don't want them insulted. It helps that I've about five or so really good friends, if the number is even that high. I've been told I look a bit scary, but I don't try to be; sometime it just happens that way.
I really love my music and books. Music and CD's I could probably live with out. My "brain list" would keep me preoccupied for a while, but the books, I don't think i could survive with out reading something. Some of the books I like would be the Richard Sharpe Series(Best Historical Fiction in Earth)by Bernard Cornwell and for fantasy, other fiction titles include The Great Santini, the Discworld books by Terry Prattchett. Non fiction would probably be Das Boot; of course I'm probably missing some and will kickmyself as soon as I finish this, but then Murphy's law, what can we do.
Like Porkey the Pig always ended it with...Thats all for Now Folks!

Trav the Spaz

Johnny Rumble:
Anti-Nothing, Anti-Everything

You stand on both sides of the line
Never take up a cause of right
Your Anti-Nothing and Anti-Everything
Your a waste of my time

Anti-Roosevelt, draw on Social
Anti-business, wearing designer labels
Both left and right sided
Your Anti-Me and I'm Anti-You


Anti-Klan you racist pig
Anti-Nazi, seig heil away
Get fucked in the ass and
Deny it all the same


Anti-Whore, sleep with the cheaps
Anti-War and shoot your neighbor
Anti-Cockney, use thier slang
Anti-British, God save the Queen



I hate people that are apathetic to the cause...ANY cause.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


Bloodless Mutiny,
We don't care
So why should you?

Bloodless Mutiny!!
A revolution, thats so fair.
Now we are all chickens
Our heads are cut off,
You can just FUCK OFF!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I got a New laptop

I got a new laptop. Now before anyone says anything, I got way more then what I wanted, in a good way. I wasn't expecting anything this nice, and I really wonder what ive done to merit this. I'd like to think existing to 18 has some part of it, for those who know my history, but I'm shocked, that someone would do this for me. Talk about major kudos, this is possibly one of the best gifts ever. But I love both parents equaly and anyone tries to say the favorite game is bieng played, I'll deck them. I don't care about this or that parent, I love them both, and quite frankly don't need gifts to solidify that. Bed time

Trav the Spaz

Monday, September 18, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
18 With 0 Lives...

Keys in the ignition
Motor's roaring up the revs
I'm ready to hit the road
with 18 empties on the board

Driven like it's stolen
18 years of racing
with 18 broken parts
I'm never coming home

My cars too fast
I'm way past drunk
Hurling out the window
I'm an alcholic at the wheel

My stereo's broken
my boom box is jumping
exhaust just fell off
18 miles back

Hills and turns
18 and I lost count
18 more beers to drink
And down the street I go


I'll be on your lawn
broken glass around
18 mail boxes knocked down
With 18 empties lying around




Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dipshits are cool!

Oi Oi!

Ok, this is in respopnse to KWP's blog, sorry I've been a bit busy, and haven't been able to post.

John my apologies.

here it goes, something about my creative writing class

All you do is suck the fun
It makes me want to run
Take away my creativity
No more levity
It's all a bore.
I can't take much more.

So much for the muse,
For he's sitting on a fuse
No longer can he play
Your long lamented day
No rest for the weary
Until I've found my query.

Trav the Spaz

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Hey, Dipshit!...

Well fuck me. I start this blog, run it as my own, then add two of my friends to it as team members and all of the sudden they DON'T POST! Fuck, I'm getting tired of doing all the work around here.

Another jingle for you people. I feel like being nice today...

Already Dead

Humans are doomed
We consume the earth
And pollute the oceans
Some say it’s a farce
Maybe were not so bad
Were all gonna die

The People say one more car
It ain’t gonna hurt
Just a few more factories
We got em to burn
Let’s turn the motherfuckers up
Cause were already dead

Vast forests there for taking
Massive by-products
There’s no baby making
Were deformed to hell
But this is how it gotta be
In the 21st century


The Rivers run red
And blue and green
Shades of orange too
From all the chemicals
It will clean it self up
But we know the truth


While I don't apoligize about the anger and select words I've been using the past couple days, I'll try and tone it down to make the "Anti-Hero Experience" a little more kid-friendly in the future. Although, to be honest, I'm starting to like more hardcore direction is place is taking.

Custodial Clowns Abound!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Standing upright
Bullets pointed at my heart
Even through the Blindfold
I can see who my enemies are
They say I’m guilty
They say I don’t deserve a trail
I’m labeled a terrorist
Branded a traitor

The CIA framed me
They broke through my door
Taken at gun point
Forced to stand for actions
That weren’t my own
The CIA executed me before my time

This government is corrupt
This government is immoral
They invaded countries
And took other peoples land
I was wire-tapped
And watched with a vigil
They had nothing on me
They need to justify the expense


I make no apologies:

Johnny Rumble:
Happy 5 fucking years.

3000 people died in a terrorist attack 5 years ago today. Who cares? At least that many people die from malnutrition, disease, and homicide every fucking hour. The people that died in the towers were all well fed and well cared for. It sucks, I understand, but know I have to put up with the NSA and CIA listening to my phone calls, spend even MORE time at the shitty ass airports, watch what I say and do else I be branded a terrorist, and have an overall feeling like the government is bending me over and fucking me in the ass deeper than ever before. Fuck That Shit.

A poem dedicated to 275 million American fuck heads:

I Wanna be an American

I wanna be an American
I wanna support the war on terrorism
And Hate the jews and gays
everything in between

I wanna be an American
I wanna see Patriot Act power expanded
And Invade countries on a whim
Watch the Effiel tower fall the ground

I wanna be an American
I wanna send my people off to die
And manipulate the media
To see only my point of view

I wanna be an American
I wanna sing Hail to the Chief
And watch as the prisons go up
Send the Japanese to jail

I wanna be an American
I wanna see my veterans’ poor
And pass laws against GLAAD
Making being gay a Federal Offence

I wanna be an American
I wanna see the bill of rights shredded
And my freedoms given up
For national security

I wanna be an American
But first I wanna die
Before I become an American

Fuck You All:

Friday, September 01, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
A new month...

It's September 1st, the begininning of a new month with new possibilites, new options, and a clean, fresh start. Hooray! The weather is nice (at least here), so it's time to get outside and run around. Annoy your neighbors, tick off passing motorists, bombard a shitbox Nissan with your empties. So many things to do! And a whole new month to them in! Take a tour, see the sites, go visit a nature park and commune with it. Heres a good one...Get arrested for disturbing the peace. Call that cop in the corner with an assualt rifle straped across his chest a, "Right Wing, Neo-Nazi, Totaltarian." Then spray paint SS his cars doors. Climb a fence into a rich, gated community and tear shit up. Then go into the slums and volenteer. Become a modern-day Robin Hood (which was really William Wallace of Braveheart fame). Hell...don a kilt and blue face paint and do your best Braveheart impersenations downtown. Go to an American Football (Detroit Lions for example) and trash talk both sides, the NFL, and thier fans. Then go to a MLS game and have a jolly good time. (Not so subliminal message, NFL Sucks! MLS/EPL Rules!) Chant a fight song at the top of your lungs at work.

All these things and more folks! Think about what you can do over the next 30 days.

But heres the most important thing for you to do:

Stay True To Yourself.


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
I want...

...stupid people to die
...Rush Limbaugh to O.D.
...World Peace
...World Chaos
...And all the inbetweeners
...Money to work on my car
...A government For The People, By The People
...Gay Rights
...To know that I'm gonna be okay
...To be Superman
...Or Batman
...To be your friend
...To see whats behind your mask of insecurity
...More Riots
...To be True North Strong and Free!
...Somebody that loves me as much as I love you.
...To be less emotional
...To understand the nature of the Universe
...Even More Riots!
...Did I mention Riots?


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Mental As Fuck...

Yes we're fucking mental
Yes we're fucking mental
Oi Oi Oi
Oi Oi Oi

Stomping the streets
And throwing our beers
Were out for a riot
Out to have some fun
Chaos on the way to descruction
Punk Boots and Baseball bats
All we chant is...

Yes we're fucking mental
Yes we're fucking mental
Oi Oi Oi
Oi Oi Oi

Broken Glass and fucked up booths
Petrol Bombs and riot gear
The Punks are in town
Lock up your daughters
And shut your doors
Were here to cause some chaos
All we chant is...

Yes we're fucking mental
Yes we're fucking mental
Oi Oi Oi
Oi Oi Oi

The people are scared
And the streets are littered
Upturn cars and trashed parks
We fuck the systems
that fuck with us
The Punks are back in town
Look Out!

Yes we're fucking mental
Yes we're fucking mental
Oi Oi Oi
Oi Oi Oi


Monday, August 21, 2006

part 1 of a narrative

So it has been many days since the sun set, and my thoughts I've last laid bare. Again I've come to voice my thoughts anew.

For now I feel the need, every one wants to be remembered; most for good rather then ill. All I want is for something to exist after me, for my meager scribblings to mean something. So with that in mind, I come to tell my tale, tis not a long one for I've not been long here in existence. I was born in a naval hospital, in Okland whence my parents were, at that time living in a near by town. More then four months early my birht did arrive, and with my early entrance came a large host of problems: heart surgery, breathing difficulty, trouble eating, and more. I spent many a day in an incubator because I was so small, and after I grew large enough to survive with out it, and the doctors figuired my survival was now going to occur, my parents moved from California to Virginia, where I presently live.

more to come as i write it.

Trav the Spaz

Monday, August 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Spirit of '81...

So I was flipping through the archives this evening when I stumbled upon my old lyrics to Spirit of '77. Re-reading them, i thought i could do better. So here's the revised and revisited lyrics. Now called Spirit of '81.

I remember from back in the day
Way before we became a fashion
Back when Hardcore was fun and full
Of the energy that I crave today
Where did the life go and how much
Longer are we gonna be around
Let’s return to our roots, return
To the days of old, when only thing
That mattered was the next show.

Let’s get back to the spirit
Back to energy and back to the fun.
Let’s get back to the Spirit of ‘81.

Back then a good day
Was one when you woke up, still alive
And able to go drink in the park with
Your friends and street family.
With nothing on our minds and few
Cares to ever think about, we set out
Always on the look out for a cheap brew
We got caught drinking in the sun
But we didn’t care. We had our fun.


The Whiskey was our home
We used it as a haven for reckless attitude
And the owners never cared, they kept bringing
Us back. Never worried and never lacking
Now our home is gone, corrupted by other scenes
Does anybody care? The city gives no damn.
Let's go spray city hall, and kill all the ham.


Let’s get back to the days when hardcore was real
Back to DOA, Back to Bad Brains.
The Exploited, and Oi Polloi.
To the days when we had a message
A message of fun and rampant destruction
So here’s my plea, let’s get back before
The chaos, let's return to Hardcore '81.



Saturday, August 12, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
To Live Free Once Again...

I'm sitting in my own personal hell
Few to talk to
None to understand
The girls that i love, left for another man
The friends that i cherished, the times that we had
Lost now to a sea of memories and vibes
Left my life and left the state
A state of bliss and tranquility
I let my mind wander and let it be free
And as happy as it could be.
There was no future, there were no jobs
Life in the moment and live in the present
That's how i lived my life, and i want it back
Not hainvg to worry, or care about tomorrow
But to be free like a bird
The wings of a bird to carry me.
Up and over my troubles and over my times
To live free once again.

A wise man once said, "Give me Liberty or give me Death."


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Six Billion People Are Dead...

Six billion people are dead
Our problems of the past
Six billion people are dead
And your next to die

Whats going on?/So much hatred
The people are gone/Nuclear winter
Forever now Autumn/Global Conflict
Training kids to kill/The ash begins to settle
Rockets and bombs/Hell on Earth
Our time has come for us to die


Bodies stricken/Bodies forgotten
People blinded/childern shooting
Death surrounds us/Makes us crazy
The only solution/Our only way out
Peace with humanity/Bad news for peace
Our time of death has arrived


Six billion people must be dead
Nuclear holocaust and falling snow
We walk around alive and yet
We six billion have died today


6 Billion Dead/Our Problems Are Gone
6 Billion Dead/Were All Done For


Johnny Rumble:
Latest computer background work.

Made this Trav about a week ago, thought I'd post the results.

Monday, August 07, 2006

i need help...

okay ... Before we get started a few things must be stated... Jenny has been my best friend for nearly thirteen years and we've been through everything together and been by each others sides... now this has happend... what the hell am I suposed to do? Just leave my best friend behind and move on or try and fix things that supposidly I've screwed up....

"names are changed for privacy perposes"
=so about 2 weeks ago.. I think.... Im hanging out with my b/f at his house watching team america... I get a call.. from my friend Sam who is dating my best friend Jenny. Sam says he would like to talk to me or my b/f . I told him we could talk later maybe all together if we had time after the movie or I would talk to him online later that night.... so the movie ended and me and the b/f were bord so we went to sonic and I asked well do you think we got time to go see whats up with Sam and the b/f said ya give him a call so I do and he said yeah why dont you come over and we all can sit out side and chat for a few hours about it.

The problem thats going on is Jenny is hanging out with her ex b/c bob a little to much. and hes alittle to old for her " none of us know his real age its any where from 19 - 27?" and even if you are 17 ... a 19 year old man has no busness dating a 17 year old girl im sorry shes still akid!!!!! yes it is only two year and its technicly not illgal but its just wrong... so they have been hanging out a lot the past few days and its really bothering Sam that Jenny has been haing out with bob way to much. and he wonders and worrys that she could be cheeating on him. so my b.f and sam chat about this for 3 hours. I really don't talk much just kinda sit and listen the b/f gives sam some pretty good hard core advice and the b/f takes me home. the next day I go to work come home when I get off work and call up jenny to talk to her about whats going on... I tell her how I feal about the whole situation I tell her I think its wrong and that she probly should spend a little less time with bob and really focus on the awsome relationship that she has with sam and that I'm looking out for her as a friend by telling her this and that I just care about her and that I know how her b/f sam is feeling... now is this so wrong to tell the best friend ? Is this betrayle??? so she gets all flustered and pissed off and hangs up the phone and I havnt talked to her on the phone since then but i have recived a text message saying that i have changed and that I'm not me any more and that she dosnt wanna talk to me... this hurts... because I don't see how I've changed... this is the only time that I've gotten upset with her or frusterated by what she has done... and I stick up and tell her whats going on...but I guess telling your friends how you feel about their actions and what their doing is wrong now.... should I just push her to the wind or talk to her and see whats up... which I have tried and it just doesn't seem like its working any more... please some one help me!!!!!! I dont wanna lose my best friend and its been tearing me up!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

You caught me!
I was just about to take off.
To soar above the trees
And sing with the birds
I would fly south and north
East and west
I would see everybody
And they would see me
Jet streams and air currents
Fish and seed
I would taste them all
Try them all
I would soar
And be the king of the sky
Captain of the air
I sprout my wings and fly away.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

why ? why ? why?

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! is all i can say i wanna rant and rave but i dont wanna bother so all im gonna say is AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! why are people so stupid!!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Dying Dreams

Here's another poem, but this one is rather melancholy though.

The sun dies over this concrete vista of rectangluar shapes, portruding from the sky and with it my dying hope. Tis that of a boy yet able to find solace whence it comes along.
These hours past have seen the last rays of light whither away, leaving me with nothing tangible. For with the dying light comes what I've been wishing for.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Love Sucks...DOA Rules!!!

So after spending many nights sitting on top of a hill over looking the base here, I've come to realization that I don't need to have carnal relations to solidify a relationship. Only understanding and honesty. I just need to find a woman that is willing to take the time to understand my complexities, corners, and "anger managment" issues. I need to find a person that will understand the intricacies of my mind. I feel that I need more of a mental and emotional connection with a person than a physical connection. Call me un-american (like that phases me anyway) for not wanting to have sex with every woman I see, but my through my own meditation I've realized that sex only gets in the way, and may ultimatly lead to the downfall of a relationship.

Now that's not saying that all physical contact is bad, just the pointless contact. After a deep emotional and mental connection has been made, intercource can serve to deepen and strength that bond between partners. But to have that physical contact before the connection is made may only lead to the relationship to become a physical one and not one that has true bearing and meaning.

So physical passes at women until I have connected with them at thier deepest levels. Will I be successful in my endevour, or be doomed to insanity? Only time will tell...


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
What ever happened to those days?...

Does anybody remember High School? The Social cliques and the way people segregated themselves into thier own little groups, volinatarily or not? Or for an even worse example, Middle School, where the cool people had run of the school, and the uncool people were cast off into oblivion?

Now think back to Elementary school. Everybody got along with pretty much everybody. I won't say it was perfect, there were still some inter-class issues, but there were no cliques, or segregated groups. People were accepted for the way they were. White, black, blond hair, green eyes, catholic, jewish, or muslim. It never mattered. Kids looked at people on the inside and judged them on thier character, not thier looks or thier possessions. It was fair and balanced, and kids were never left out of a game of kickball, or in my case football (soccer).

What ever happened to those days? The days when everybody got along and issues were solved not with hurtful words and rejection, but with "civilized" (yes, doodyhead was civilized in on the playground) arguments. Kids were friends before, during and after the argument. There was no hatered, no real anomisity, and definatly no rascim. Whatever happened to those days?

Kids grow up, go to school and start to see the differences in people. They see that one kids has less money than the others, and will never be able to throw a big party, or wear the newest clothes. It all becomes about status, about how "cool" and "hip" you can be. In High School, our cars (or lack thereof) becomes the symbol of might. That kid over there has a brand new Mercedes, while you have a 1998 Toyota Corrolla that falling apart.

Screw that. I don't care if you have the newest fashions from Milan, or the newest "it" car, or a wallet full of cash. Strip all that away and what have you got? A human being that should be judged on his character, and judged on his valor. Were all human beings underneath our possessions. We should act and treat each other as such.

Instead we have war around the globe, rasict groups, terrorists, and people looking to kill other just because the belive, act, or look different than your idea of what a human should be.

People grow up and people change, this is true, but if we all grow up to become hate mongers, then I never want to grow up. I want to stay on the Elemantary school playground. I want to stay young.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm back....

Okay so I've decided to post something... something that has been on my mind...
okay... so here it goes.. sorry if I start ramling... I'm gonna try and keep it short and simple...

There is no such thing as the news any more. Its either the weather... or coverage on the war... okay... well umm... I'm sick of seeing people blown up on my tv screen...ya I love action movies and stuff getting blown up... but I'm not keep to seeing innocent people getting blown up on tv.. yes the media has blessed up with not showing people getting blown up... but you know when you see these buildings getting blown up that there are people in there... okay im sick of hearing all this crap about the middle east... and the stuff going on in Korea... yes it is nice to be updated maybe once a day one it... but not 24/7. I dont wanna hear about it all the god damn time!....

Sorry I had to vent some where my family just dosn't understand why I always change the tv when they watch the news....

Monday, July 10, 2006

I have a Job

Yep folks, it's true. I have a job as host at a really cool restuarant. So now I can talk about how work is and everything...More forthcoming after my training shifts end.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Nice going Italy. You guys played a good a game, and came out on top. So to the winner go the spoils. We'll see you in Four years.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Stupid is as Stupid does... this...

No No NO!

If this simplification idea pans out and becomes the common way of spelling, learning will only become that much harder for all us.

Not only will we, the older generations, have to, in essence, go back to school and re-learn everything we have been taught about the English language, the kids will have a tougher time of learning to spell.

Plus, the proposal does NOT take into account the broad dialects that are across the United States. People in the south-east say words much differently than the people in north-west. How will a standard sound-word association become available? In the Midwest people say the word book as buk. In the south? Bok. What about mobile (moble) and mobile (mobile)? Catsup and Ketchup? And how will the oil company Mobil One end up after the change over? Also, let's not forget the unique regional words.

People use the Sound-word association for short hand when it becomes too difficult to write the whole word. The word great, becomes gr8 in a mobile text message. Understandable. Small keypad, small buttons, and no-one in thier right mind is going to write an essay on a mobile.

And what about the words that sound the same? Ate and Eight? For and Four? How will the message be conveyed if people use the sounded out version? Tom had aet liters of catsup? No, I did not just say that Tom eats litters of Ketchup for dinner, but that Tom had a Eight Liters of Ketchup. See the problem?

No, this pitiful idea of English simplification will not work in todays society. People will become dumber, books will stop being published, and life will inevitably grind to a halt. Shortcuts in speech and quick notes I do not have an issue with, but when tomorrows childern will not know how to spell properly or correctly, the stigma will flow through the rest of society like a plague, and we shall surely drown on our own lack vocabulary.



Thursday, June 29, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Strife and War on the Horizon...

Well...hmm...My Ex-girlfriend is here for a month, and has been here for the past 4 days or so. In these past four days my moods have been shifting rather rapidly and quite frequently. Since we had broken-up, i have been able to direct pretty much most of my hatred and anger at her memory. But since she has shown up, I have been feeling both pissed off and yet very friendly toward her.

Keeping our history (very clingy, i got nearly zero alone time) in mind, I feel that i have betrayed my self and yet i feel better for being friendly and nice. Don't get me wrong, she still irritates the fuck outta my most of the time. And yet i still find her attractive and very desirable. This whole situation is driving me up the wall, but I can't stop it.

I think the reason I threw up the wall of hatred toward her direction is to help prevent a situation like this. I fought my mother about her coming her, and gave her plently of (weak) reasons why she shouldn't come, but I didn't have the gonads to tell her the real reason, even though I think that both of them know it.

Fortunatly I'm going to be out of the house all day tomorrow, so I'll have plenty of alone time to contemplate this issue and hopefully make the right move to set things straight again.

And i'm out.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Escape Is Imminent

Sitting in my padded cell
Padded walls
Deadbolt door
Strapped together,
Mental and sane
Mixed up emotions,
Tearing up my mind
Pain of the drugs,
Stings of the needles
Protect my self,
Injury could happen
Never alone,
Haunted by demons
Sitting alone,
Wallowing in pity
Drowning in self depression

Comes a time when escape is imminent
With draw once again
Into my cocoon of pain
Safe haven every things the same
White padded walls
Bouncing around
Trying to escape
Escape is imminent

Break through pills
Rebounding issues
Death never comes quickly
Stars live and die
Faster than I gain and lose
My minds in overdrive
Overcome the problems
Tunnels and lights at the end
Creep my mind
Freaking out
Losing my mind


Endless dispositions
Lost friends
Gained skeletons
Closets getting too full
I gotta break out
Spread the message
Bring about the change
No more pills
No more drugs
No more walls
My escape too near
Not backing into the hole


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

another song, untitled at the moment

Here is another song...probably a fair bit of Rancid or Time Again flavor(maybe I don't know what it reads like) since that's been in my playlist lately. Hope you like it...

Intro and outro

You’re beaten’ running scared

Many a night you’ve spent…

Breaking bottles

Over smashed knuckles.


Can’t find the strength with in.

And all those good intentions you’ve watched grow

Now slip out your backdoor

While the rage busts in the front


Down! Down! Down & out.

Down! Down! Down & out.


All you’re life you’ve struggled facing demons

First in school getting pushed around

Now you’re punching a clock seems like no one cares.


Down! Down! Down & out.

Down! Down! Down & out.


And all you got is another role

Unloading your problems to another soul

Yet the tension coils like a spring

Fed up with this lie, you scream thinking

What can you do, but keep on running!


Trav the Spazz

Monday, May 15, 2006

Seumas Harvey Preview

yeah so here is the first part of my story, more willl be incoming as it comes together

The Prisoner sat down to dinner, wearily looking up at the window set high into his cell wall. The moon was full, from the little sliver of view he was afforded. The meal looked like another night of stew, and some ale to wash the weak old meal down with. It had only taken him half way into his second month during his stay in the Empire’s flagship in extended stay accommodations to realize that the food the prisoners were served was better then gruel, but only by several days. The moonlight played upon the stonewalls, capturing the most unique pictures on the wall before they changed.

The prisoner was in the process of cleaning up from using the chamber pot when he noticed the sound of approaching footsteps. A guard appeared at the cell door and ordered him to move over by the window; so the prisoner, mindful of the tendency for guards to beat you if you didn’t move fast enough, was quick to comply. Behind the guard a procession of several guards and a finely dressed old man appeared, entered his cell and went to his alcove where he had his bedroll. The first guard pushed some stones in such a way that it caused the alcove to change and a passageway appear. At the same time the old man spoke to the prisoner.

“You, what is your name? Your face, I have seen it in my dreams.” The old man said.

“My name is Seumas Harvey. What in the name of Ossian is going on here? Do I not have rights, even here in my cell?”

“I am High Marshall Garret, and my son’s have been assassinated and my Chosen Guard here are escorting me out via a supposedly secure route, but your presence would seem incongruous, but you are here, so it looks like it’s your lucky day Seumas. What did you do to land yourself in prison, a nice man in the prime of his life?” High Marshall Garrett spoke with just a hint of irony, as if he knew something of importance but didn’t want Harvey to know.

Johnny Rumble:
Dreams and Death...

Nazi’s and Boneheads
Punks and skinheads
Battle it out
Supremacy of the streets
Children caught in the middle
The middle of many heavy beats
Fights in alleys, dicing it out
Every one knows there’s no way out
Guns blasting, soul assassins
Brothers go down battlin’

Never wanted it to be this way
Mom’s dead, lying in the alleyway
Brothers all shot, mangled and torn up
This situation is about to get rough
I got a gun to my head, Bones all around me
They all smiling with the glee
Realizing the fact,
They just caught the General In the act
Trouble is here, here to stay
The battle rages on, death is not play
So many lives, so many futures
Now are lost to the Grim Reaper
Seem to have lost all nine of my lives
Killing the Nazis, tearing up dives
All I ever wanted to be free from the chains
Free from this place, escape into the plains
I’m trapped and blindfolded
Pistol whipped and scolded

Dreaming only of the happiness
Instead surrounded by the dreariness
One boys vision is another mans dream
Mayor said this place will be clean
No more violence, only happy thoughts
No more punks, no more distraught
Little kid died today, gunned down in the store
His visions are now no more
Is it a crime to carefree?
Only to be caught in the middle of a blitzkrieg
Punks and Bones still battle on
Where did the world go so wrong?
What are we doing and how do we stop?
Does peace only come from the barrel of a Glock?
Children are dieing, mothers are crying
Punks are trying, Peace is at hand

No more war, no more death
True peace my brothers
Is only a dream and a vision away.
Don’t you ever let go,
Never let dangle at the end of a rope
While they burn and torture your soul
No you’re not their puppet
No No No Don’t you ever let your dreams go.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Just Plain Shit...

Staring at a reflection
Eyes that cannot be mine
Memories that cannot be true
Former lives, long past
Staring into the eyes of a lair
Into the soul of myself
Life becomes real
Memories are just a dream

Symbols and artwork
Blood and toil
Paint and Oil
Translations of my life
Loves gone past
Reality on pause
Time spent in the clouds

Anger and emotion
Lost in translation
Soaring and soaring
Up and down
Mechanical wings
Natural feelings

Emotions flooding back
Sadness and joy
Lost and found
Here, there, gone
Never to be found

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't Run.

Running around
Looking for that sound.
What can you do?
When they’re after you.
You try to run, running from the other side.
Roaming in packs, you try to hide.
Why can’t you except it’s changed.The times they are a changin’

Unless you ape too many people, you won’t get beat down.
Can you understand it’s different now around?
But human instinct, it still remains
That layer amongst us, for we are still animals

So we still shall roam
Running around
Looking for that sound.
When you find it, what do you do?
Run or fight, fight and run.
When they’re after you.
Roaming in packs,
We understand its different,
But we have a long way to go
Until we get there.

Trav the Spaz

Friday, May 05, 2006

Prom 2006

My prom was last weekend so I thoguht I'd write a poem about it, and heres a photo from it.

A White Carpet Affair
By: Katlynn

Sparkles, Dreams, Whishes, Glitter, Glam
Beauty, Love, Purple Daisies
Smiles, Sparkling Eyes
Perfect Hair
Perfect Make-up
Perfect Dress
More then Perfect Date
Happiness, nervousness

Do I look okay?
Is my hair okay?
Oh the butterflies.
Flying so high.
They could lift me up to the sky.
Who ever thought I'd be in love with this guy.

He’s so handsome
Gelled hair.
Sharp, crisp, handsome tux.
Nervous smile, shaky hands
Glittery eyes

WOW... You look amazing.

Snap, Crackle, Pop.
Click, Click, Click
Pictures go by so quick.

Now were off
Won't be home till late I say.
Excitement finally takes place.

Dinner runs by so quickly.
So much fun, so many laughs
More pictures before were done here.

Down the Stairs
There’s a white carpet affair

Soon we realize.
This is not a dream.
But dreams can come true.

Baby dreams can come true.
Because you’re my dream come true.

Slow soft and sweet
We danced so sweetly.
We held each other closely
Are arms are intertwined
We didn’t want that last dance to end

I know that won’t be our last dance
Because I realized he was my one and only
Are eyes were still locked on one another
I Love You...
I Love You Too...
I never wanted that last dance to end
But it did...
In my heart, mind, and sole
It will always be going on, and on...

We left the dance
To my house
To his house
Finally the time has come
After Prom...

Excitement thrills, adrenaline rushes
My heart leapt out of my chest
Who knew love could feel like this.

Food fun fast thrills
Loopty loops, spins, and drops
We rode till we dropped

Sleep... oh sleep
Must stay awake
I feel so safe
You’re lying next to me
I’m lying next to you
You’re holding me so tightly
I can barely breathe
But I never want you to stop holding me.
I never want you to leave

You kissed my forehead
I kissed you
We hugged and smiled
And chatted a while

That’s when I realized
I’m gona love you for a long long while

My head is on your chest
I can hear your heart beat
It’s so steady and sweet
It put me to sleep

I thought I herd it stop
You said it just dropped
Because I looked so sweet

Please my love don’t leave me
Baby I won’t
I love you to much to leave

Walking up my stairs to my porch
I feel so week, tired, and exhausted
You look so tired
You opened my door
Kissed me good night

Thanks for the good time
You looked amazing to night
So did you.
I Love You...
I Love You Too...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mr. Iain Wright:
And Now I Begin (his only post)

Good evening.I'm a friend of John,Travis and Katlynn's and I am intrigued by this blog.And cos this place is a high-brow establishment,I'd like to talk about something that struck me quite profoundly earlier today.You see,I voted for the first time today.I've never voted before,and even though it was for local elections it is still kind of a big deal.Now as you probably know the current government is led by Tony Blair (Arguably) and his government is facing a series of barrages in the press recently.Now because I know far less than I should I chickened out and voted Labour.Once I had done it I felt like I had made a terrible mistake,because they're so sleazy in the eye of the public,and in my eye also.But once I'd thought about it a bit more,I came to the conclusion that all the parties in Britain are just the same.The Conservatives were just the same in the early 1990s,what with all the Neil Hamilton sex scandals and things.I hear the Deputy Prime Minister has a two inch penis,if one of the paragons of British newspapers "The Daily Sport" is to be believed.I hate Britain sometimes. I just want a simple life,but some idiot always has to muddy things up.Now these idiots come in many forms.Bill Hicks had the right idea.We should just get rid of them all.
There has been a lot of complaints about voter apathy,and I don't blame anyone for not caring.I really don't.I almost didn't today.It's ironic that a friend of mine studying Sociology (revising for a question on the Suffragette movement in Britain) was talking about how some women died for the vote and a load of girls I live with haven't bothered to vote ever.
Sadly I have to finish here,because I have a pressing engagement and I need to rest my ankle for a while.But expect more.MUCH more.

Ode to a Shrew

This shrew, scurrying around
Letting out noises by the pound.
This shrew, scurrying around
Always waiting, to decry
Oh and you have failed again.
lie anew.


Saturday, April 29, 2006

okay its been to long.

Hi to the new guy on this site!

Okay so I havn't been doing my part on this site and posting, and I am sorry guys.

So here it gose my list for this week.

1. I think 4/20 is a halarious holiday.
2. I'm very excited about prom tonight it's going to be a blast!
3. I think prom its to expensive but heck i probly wont get to go next year.
4. My sisters wedding is in a year as of tomarrow. And could possibly land on prom next year...
5. I'm saving my money to buy my own vehicle.
6. Pj pants are the best thing next to sliced bread.
7. The discovery channle is adictive.
8. 4 More weeks left of school. I don't think I can make it.
9. Johns poem was very good about the abused gril, but kinda creepy that he could think of something that descriptive. It gave me the chills.
10. I know think im rambling but i don't care.
11. I've narrowed my collage choices down, but still have one more year of high school left.
12. People who think you cant do well in life with out a highschool diploma are just not optomistic enough.
13. The last thought of the week is...

I think some people just need to grow up and relize I'm growing up too.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
And Wouldn't you know it...

Something comes to me as i'm lying in bed...oh well.

Reader Discretion Advised: The following does portray a violent crime against a woman. I do not condone nor support support such crimes. But in the same token, words are not a crime, nor is the portrail of a crime a crime. So to those that are offended by this, close your browser and walk away. If not, read on.

Fuck you, you stupid bitch
You gave me nothing blows
To my face, to my arms,
Filled my head with twisted dreams
Next thing you know
You'll be found in a ditch

Outside of town
Your body so mangled
bloodied and brusied
so sexually abused
The Police won't even know
Who they found

But your parents will weep
And the town will cry
I'll be crying too
From the laughter of the torture
I got out of you.


Johnny Rumble:
I'll make this quick...

I'm on a writing hiatis until further notice. No ideas are coming to mind, nor is there inspiration to be found. I might have some stuff come Mid-May but i don't know. So until then...go do something...


Narrative Poem: Tim And Jimmy

Timmy And Jimmy

Timmy rolled out from bed, five minutes to late
To the sound of smashing hands. Hanging around in the kitchen,
Jimmy’s trooped over the street and let himself in, they’re going to the show
Dashing to and fro his curfew is beat and the night is still young.
Now it has happened, that feeling of camaraderie, brotherly love.
The Excuse has happened, curfew has broken.
Needed by his mother to ground him.
They’ll be split into a faction.
They did it on a whim.
Skipped out with his friend Jimmy.
Went down to 14th & V, for the latest show.
In the pit almost ripped from limb to limb
For being called a skinhead, and he’s not poor…oh no
Needing help he turned to Jim.
The two friends started a fight that went to and fro.
They did it on a whim.
The thrashing continues, until the next song, when they decide to end the row.
Better then friends, closer the then brothers
They’ve lived their lives shoulder to shoulder.
Shunned by others.
As they grew older.
Living on streets and in a friend’s home
For their families are busts.
Having to cope with making it on your own.
Spending nights with a bottle, the mornings in disgust.
They do it on a whim.
Fighting all day
Moshing all night.
Its all they do.
They can’t tell if it’s right. All they’ve known.
Meet some girls who looked a site.
Found them interesting beyond the usual way
Thinking they have found the two perfect ones.
So the family expands, still close knit.
Now their older and happy with family but still no luck with pay.
Working the 9 to 5 still not paying
No jobs are in sight for this family of fun.
Years have passed the shows have been seen, plenty of joy
What can they say but that their luck has been run.
For now they realize the joy they’ve found
Is slowly dying around.

Trav the Spazz

One Day

Playing pool all day
Playing guitar in a bad way
Then the evening has begun
And will end with fun.

Down to the local store
Getting a drink or four,
Now we’re set, to let us chill.
Move the sofa to mosh till we’ve had our fill.

Moshed to Anti Flag so hard
We used the sink as a fountain.
Calling circle pit at the end of the song,
With only two people is pointless
Yet it can still be fun when you elbow his eye
And get hit right back.

Fine all you have to do is have a good time
Relish spending that time with your mates.
Doing stupid human tricks that only you find funny
Funny thing is, even you don’t know why!

Makes it all that much more fun.
When all you can play on that guitar
Is two more power chords then you could yesterday.

Found a new pastime deals with ska
Skanking is fun. Even more when
You don’t know what your doing
Skaning to ska natural rhythms from the beat.
Now we are on to wave three.
Yet trad is still the best, followed by third wave
Ska/Punk, punk/ ska its all damn good.
Dekker, Operation Ivy still kick ass after all these years

Introduced John to Mike, go watch a movie.
Then come back at 4 am talk about hilarity and being goofy
Conversations about chili mac.
Being so stupid I’m calling bed time!
Reverting to telling random stories
Before we fall asleep.

Trav the Spazz

Monday, April 17, 2006

Forum Chaser....

Ok, here is "poem I wrote about a weekend" if anyone reads this can they tell me if these sorts things are shit,or if they're decent.
So here it is:

Forum Chaser…
Sitting at my computer
Clicking the buttons
Setting up the music, ready to relax.
Finding that I’m spending the time
Sitting at my computer
Plying the McKenzie forum
Blogging away, posting essays
And poems, poems about life and experiences.
Sitting at my computer, Switch back to the Forum.
Iain posted and Antii replied;
Lets talk about Op Ivy some more,
Any one know if the band is coming to the East Coast?
No one knows and I’m the only one
Still on the board, so I switch over to MSN.
Talk to my mates on Messenger.

Hirni’s back in town,
And it's cool if I come over.
Get the jacket and head out the door.
Walking down the block; thinking about my poems.
Are they really any good? I’ll show Scott.
So I get to Scott’s house, decide to tell him
About the poems I’ve got on the back burner.
We start down to the basement;
To play some video games, checking out the new videogame.
Sitting on the couch
Hours pass and Julie comes back,
And they’re going out to dinner.
So I head on home to check the forum

Sitting at my computer.
John has blogged,
Antii has posted.
Talking to John on MSN
As I reply to Antii’s post.
Life seems good.
Snatch a bite to eat,
Watch a movie with Dad
Sitting in the den.
Lying in my bed.

Trav the Spazz

Sunday, April 16, 2006

what oh what should i write about....

i havnt posted in a great while and im sorry... i just dont know what to write about since my life is kinda boring and im pretty shur u two guys and ne one els who reads this wants to know about my daily life. as a 17 year old female in Oklahoma....

so im gonna start somthing.... "15 I belives" for the week and will be posted every monday or sunday night...

this week....

1. i belive that while serching for a brides maid dress the bridesmaid should have some say in what the dress looks like...
2. The Man is a great movie...
3. my easter was good even tho i think since i became diabetic... the candy suplie for easter and christmas has definatly been cut down 90%....
4. i think that ranch is fabulous on everything... well almost everything
5. Trucks are way cooler then cars...
6. Prom is extreamly exspensive.
7. my puppies are awsome and they are so cute.
8. now im just rambling
9. i think that its scary that im gonna get to vote in the next presedental election
10. its scary that im gonna be 18 in 6 months
11. Diet Dr. Pepper is so much better then Diet Coke.
12. i think band is officaly gay now.
13. this week is gonna kill me!
14. stress is horible..... shoot me now....
15. I Belive that if you have an A in any one class no matter what the absenses are that you have in that class, that you should be able to exempt that final.

ne ways i think ill start doing this once a week just b/c i dont know what to write about.

love ya!

ok cruise time......

Ok I had a spectacular time, and I am less uptight-eating a bowl of icecream topped with mustard will do that to you; I also left out the fact that later on I ate some sort of pizza with onions, and chocolate pudding, olives and mashed up donought bits, plus sour cream....but I can now safely say I am way less uptight about things. So hopefully this shall continue and I can actually grow up some and end up less fearful wouldn't that be nice. I also have pictures, and hopefully I can get more

Becuase my sister was being a twit I could not use her camera and so am having to rely on the good will of people I met on the cruise. Overall it was a good week, I had lots fun, and my grandparents seemed normal, they weren't jumping down my throat or anything and seemed not to mind my jacket- ah well what can one do.

So things that I learned on this trip;
1. It's fine to just introduce yourself to people
2. Just go with the the flow
3. Try not to piss everyone in your age group off at once
4. The goal of scaring someone a day is really fun and should be looked at more to try to gain something from it.
5. Do not play the same 2 Clash songs over and over
6. Rap is really bad
7. Card games are fun, but dares are cooler

ok now on to the pictures: the drawing on the left is one I did of John (Kilt Wearing Punk) and it comes from a 2 tone photo he sent me before I left. That one at the top is one a group picture and I am in the back with a glass of lemonade the second is my mom and I taken from the dock and the third is me with 2 people who played cards during a day at sea. Hope this is satisfactory and as more pictures come in I shall of course post them