Friday, February 17, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Needless Battle...

Busted lip and a broken nose
Assualter connects again
Lying on the ground
And coughing up blood
My face is a mess
And guts tied in knots

Not police brutality this time
And not even family abuse
Some mod got pissed off
And he kicks me in the chest
Don’t know how much more
Of this beat down I can take

I feel my own rage building
Seeing nothing but red
Another kick to the rib
My heart is racing
My minds in overdrive
And a stomp to my chest

My head hits the pavement
Brains are scrambled around
I can feel blood running
Exiting my battle wounds
I taste the concrete floor
Soul is knocking on heaven’s door

I hear boots a running
Yells are ringing out
The Punks have come lately
The violence is over now
Help me up and carry me off
And I live to fight another day

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