Friday, February 17, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Okay that's it....I've had it.....

Editor of AutoWeek:

After reading your January 2, 2006 magazine, among other dealing with similar cover subject materail...all i can say is this...

The Big 3 (GM, Chrysler, Ford) automakers can just keel over and DIE!!!!!

I am sick of retro designs impeding on true automotive design progress. While i have no problem with the Chevy HHR and the Chrysler PT Curiser (those being of retro-design but not pulling on any one car or theme, unlike the others), the Proposed Pontiac GTO, Chevy Camaro, the Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, and all make my want to vomit in my wastebasket. Why are the high end, high power, mass produced Domestic cars going retro? More importantly, why is occuring at all?

I'll tell you why. It's becasue the largest voting block this country has ever known, The Baby Boomers. Yes...the very people reading this...i blame you. If you want a car that reminds you of earlier times, go and buy a classic. You know...a 1969 GTO, or a 65 Mustang. Don't pollute the market segment with your old designs and old-school looks. We (Gen Y and Gen X) don't want them. We want our cars, not mom and dads. We want a small 4 or 6 banger that can make 300 horses and still get 30 MPG. Not a 400 Cubic inch V-8 that make 300 horses and get 10 MPG.

At this point your are prolay thinking, "How can he know what the entire youth of today want?" I say look around. For every classic muscle car you might see, you will see 3 or 4 import tuners. NASCAR is reaching it's limit in viewers, while D1 Drifting is gaining popularity as we speak. Trans Am racing has lost it's street cred, while the JGTC is gaining more and more around the world. People....there is not a single JGTC car that is "retro." Why? It's not what the people want! Why are there no retro cars in Europe? Japan? Because Fiat, Honda, Nissian, and Peugeot have realized that the future of the company does not depend on the Middle Aged!

I say if you want to re-invent a classic name plate: Make it cheap, make it tuneable, make it fun to drive, and for god sakes...don't design it after something in the past.

John Lewakowski....One Pissed Off Teenager

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