Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Short Essay on the Brainwashing Effect...

The question of “Can we resist the influence of the media?” is a question that many red- (or blue) blooded Americans has asked. The “media” itself needs to be broken down into manageable chunks. Those being: News, Music, Literature, and the Government.

News, in it self, can be a very influential media machine (monster?). News Media can warp and stretch stories to their liking, or report only one side of the story, and in extreme cases, not report anything at all. To my knowledge very few “credible” news organizations warp stories to their liking. The more likely scenarios which people encounter are the single side and no story topics. Here, the people who write about the stories are able to present the side that will generate the most interest and consequently the most money. Here, because people are only presented with one side, they automatically see the person whose story is not heard to be found guilty. Also, when something tragic happens to the parent company, the news organizations may not report about it. In effect, the Americans who are subjected to this are in effect brainwashed into thinking what the writers want.

Music is much trickier subject to take. Because not many people today listen for what the lyrics have to say, but to the beat and catchy tunes (this would also explain the huge popularity of rap and hip-hop), not many people are listening for any redeeming quality or message. But because messages are inherently part of music, certain messages tend to gravitate towards certain genres. Sex and gangs tend to populate rap and hip-hop, while politics tends to stay in punk. Your Ex-Girlfriend has rock, and your truck has country. Really, most people I know do not listen to music for messages; it is all about what kind of riffs and beats you like. There is no media influence in music.

Literature and writing can be forceful mediums of influence, and I stress the word can. This is explained by the people themselves. There are so many different styles of writing and genres of books, that a book store is literally filled influence. “Buy this book. It has sex, drugs, and lies! No buy this one! It has sex, drugs, lies and spaceships.” This is a constant cycle that will never end. Society is filled with crazy people who want an “Earth-Federation” or a “Knight in Shining Armor.” In the end it breaks down to: What are you as the writer trying to express? What market are you trying to sell to?

The Government can fall into the news category, but is so huge that it can be described as its own separate entity. Here propaganda rules the roost, with tons of “support this, support that” and “support that or your un-American.” Just look at. The American government is constantly at war: the War on Terrorism, the War on Recession, and the War on Drugs. Here we can take out part out a very famous quote, “War is Peace.” Taken from George Orwell’s book, 1984, “War is Peace” says that when the country is at war then the people are all united and little uprising or “un-Americanism” can occur, and when it does the government can quickly put it down and discredit it.

It’s sad what has happened here, but it is, what this writer believes anyway, to be the truth. The American people have taken it for granted that the media and the government (who then promptly screw them over) to think for them. We elect people with Ph.D.’s in law to represent ranchers in Montana. Why? Because he can think for everybody else, even though he has never roped a bull, let alone stepped on a real working ranch. If the American, no….the Worlds People do not start to think for themselves then surely we are all doomed to be ruled by the privileged few and will see the downfall of democracy as we know it. Hell, it’s a stretch, but the Constitution is the road map towards that way of life. When the “Founding Fathers” drafted the Constitution, they set up the government to be filled with the richest, most “educated” people around. The basic people would elect “educated” people to further elect the person who they think should run the country, usually another rich, “educated” white man.

There is no way out of this monster media machine. The American people have left the media alone for too long and now there is no end in sight to growing influence of the media. Red, White, and Brainwashed indeed.

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