Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Spirit of ‘77

I remember from back in the day
Way before we became a fashion
Back when Punk was fun and full
Of the energy that I crave today
Where did the life go and how much
Longer are we gonna be around
Let’s return to our roots, return
To the days of old, when only thing
That mattered was the next show.

Let’s get back to the spirit
Back to energy and back to the fun.
Let’s get back to the Spirit of ‘77.

Back then a good day
Was one when you woke up, still alive
And able to go drink in the park with
Your friends and street family.
With nothing on our minds and few
Cares to ever think about, we set out
Always on the look out for a cheap brew
We got caught drinking in the sun
But we didn’t care. We had our music.


CBGB’s was still new and open
We used it as a haven for reckless attitude
And Hilly never cared, he kept bringing
Us back. Never worried and never lacking
Now our birthplace is gone, never to return
Does anybody care? I doubt it. But if
A dance club closed, the city raises hell.


Let’s get back to the days when punk was fun
Back to The Ramones, Back to The Damned.
The Sex Pistols, and The NY Dolls.
To the days when we had a message
A message of fun and rampant destruction
So here’s my plea, let’s get back before
The chaos, before the corruption.


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