Friday, March 31, 2006

MeMeMeMe!!! lol

okay so maybe i should introduce my self.

well ...

okay guys my name is katlynn i am still in high shcool unfortunatly... im a jr. ill be a seinor in like 8 weeks! woot!, im extreamly involved with my local FFA chapter. im droping out of band but still plan on playing my tenor sax. i like old cars and absolutly love trucks. my dream truck is a 98' - 2000 chevy silverado perferble blue or black. or a 1969 - 1971 SS chevell cherry apple red. id go into details but dont feal like it

i got two new puppies 2 weeks ago " pic at top" there names are roxy and meg. there 1.2 red healer and 1/2 lab there so adorable.

i pretty much like most music. and movies... i dont have ne "favorits" but i do have some i like more then others.

im a fairly simple girl , im a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl lol.
but thats enough about my boring life. ill stop and leave u all for now.

I Love You

okay... really dont know what to write about here... but. i guess i should post somthing...

show me baby what love is like
show me how its suposded to be
baby show me what were suposed to do

this night is so wonderfull
the lights down low
the candle light buring bright
i can see the brightness in those deep eyes

baby ...
im falling
im falling farther
farther away from life
but baby its closer to us

i cant sleep and i cant eat
but baby your always on my mind
but this time and this place
its perfect for this time

just one chance
just one glance
just 3 words
whispered in my ears tonight
tonight ill be all yours
and you'll be all mine

baby just here with you on this special night
we can fianly make things right
as we lay there i feal your hands touch my hair
and i just melt right into your palms.

you know baby
i need you
i love you , all along
and ive miss you
you've been away for far to long

tonight i dont want to let go
i dont want u to go
i just want to lie here
under these stars
knowing that this is right.

but you know
i love you
i wanted you to know

i've loved you all threw these years
and baby its been to long
im sorry its taken me so long
so long to relize
that your perfect
theres no one like you

and to night
these candles are buring bright
and all i can see is that finaly
im with him and hes with me
theres no one like you.
i just wanted you to know.
I Love You.

Captial Idea

Finals week is here.
Now I have to take tests,
But then I go home to do it all again.
Just a few more days until the end of school.

Something is wrong, but I don’t know what.
Am I dreaming? Or is it real.

Then you have to repeat it all over again.
But this time is different, but I didn’t know it then.
One weekend the folks go out to the deck.
Tick tock. Hours go by,
Then I look out that window, and nothing is there.


Frantically yelling, thinking they came in. But it’s not to be.
Run around the neighborhood.
Grab my sister searching we go; we search all around
We can’t find them, but nothing we can do, so we do what we can
Seems like hours later Mom comes back.


An announcement she says.
Tersely we wait.
They were gone along time, and hey where is dad?
Is dad ok?

Your father and I have decided to get separated.
Wow what a pill to swallow.
But why?
I thought everything was fine.
That is shot to shit

Chrous #2:
Now I know something is wrong, and now I know why.
Am I dreaming? Or is it real

Next she is going to say it’s not your fault.
That’s nice-So why’d it happen.
And now it’s the last week of school.
Talk about a lot on your plate; but why

Chrous #2:

What went wrong, what went wrong?
How long has this been boiling.
Boiling, cauldron burning; oh, yes lets just take the kids life and change it.

Being used as pawns, it's not right
Give this to your mother, no I said he was to sign this; notarized, no I’ll do it.
It’s not right to drag you into it.
Well no shit.
But I’m thinking we’re past that.

Chrous #2:

The bed is made, and I’m sleeping in it soundly now.
So not much you can do, not much you can do.
When life is fucked enough already

By Trav the Spazz

Johnny Rumble:
This is Me...

All I want is a little of myself.

For 18 years I played by your rules
For 18 years I didn’t fuck up
For 18 years I made sure you came before I
For 18 years I was a puppet

All I want is a little of myself.

This time it’s about me
This time I’m doing what I want
This time I make the calls
This time I call the shots

All I want is a little of myself

I will not bow down
I will not go home.
I will not listen
I will not let you control me.

All I want is a little of myself.

This is who I am
This is who I’ll be
This is something you can’t change
This is something I want.

All I want is a little of myself.

Johnny Rumble:
Autorama Pictures...

Just some of the 200 pictures i took during the Autorama Car Show in Detroit, Michigan, 03/05/06

Thursday, March 30, 2006

So called Classical Literature.

The Great Gatsby, Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Adventures of Huck Finn. The Raven, The Cruicable. These titles should be familar to most adults, and not a few highschoolers too. I like to read, infact I carry a book around everywhere I go, one in the car, in my back-pack at school; it is everywhere. Most of the books that I enjoy are sci-fi or fantasy but more sci-fi to it.

A large percentage of the books that I read would not be considered literature, and hey that is fine, I'm not expecting them to. Now get this- I read them because I find them intresting. All of those "classics" that I first listed are boring. I did not enjoy reading them at all, in fact Huck Finn was the second book in High school so far that I have not actually finished, the other being the Joy Luck Club-that book was too painful, but it did have intresting parts, chiefly being the views about the Second World War.

I read books not to find out the mysteries of life, or find enlightenment but to be entertained. It is fine if an author has put some sort of message for society in their work as in Huck Finn or to Kill a Mockingbird (the best book that I have had to read so far in high school). I just do not think that I should have to be reading the book specifically to find out that purpose.
You will find that The Raven and The Cruciable are listed seperatly because those I found to be somewhat enjoyable.

In another book that I'm reading slowely but surely, out side of school is The Razor's Edge I think it was (been to busy to read it for a while, I might have even finished it, its been so long since I looked at it I forgot where I was in it) the protagonist is trying to find the meaning of life and enlightment so he buys all these books to try to find it, and as he sits on the mountain top he realizes that the best use of these books is to light them on fire so that he can stay warm. He didn't need a book to find that out. English Class is like that- I do not need a book to tell me that opression is wrong, nor another book to tell me that a boy grows up to be a young man is really about the morality of slavery.

Any person with half a brain can see that. The Salem witch trials serving as an allegory to the 1950's with McCarthyism at the forefront- do I need a book to tell me it is better to live honorably with yourself then to live a lie? I guess, according to English classes I do. But that I do not mind, beacause it is subtle. All you have for context is the fact that Mr. Miller was blacklisted. Much like the characters in his play. Imagine that, a work of Literature drawing on real life; Shocking isn't it?

If the teachers and professors are trying to teach us moral lessons and they actually want us to read them then perhaps they can pick something more widely understood. I will even offer a suggestion to get them started- A Clock Work Orange, yeah its violent, but after reading that I understood that cheap thrills and kicks are not what its cracked up to be- or read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. That book also raises points, McMurphy seemed to be sane, yet he was in a mental asylum. Perhaps society judges people wrong? Oh and one final comment-why do you try to throw several things at us, we're not simpletons, and when we don't understand something, we ask for help; but for once can you not just give us the book, see what we come up with on oursleves, and guide the conversations from there. Who knows, students could come up with these ideas ourselves instead of being force fed them. But we will never know will we, unless you try.

Trav the Spazz

Johnny Rumble:
Too Cool...

Not my own work, nor will I claim it. But i found this surfing the web being lazy. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.


Johnny Rumble:
What is Punk? paper proposal...

Punk. One simple word that can conjure many different feelings and many different understandings. To the casual observer, a punk can be a hooligan and a non-contributing member of society. It can also be seen as a screeching, offensive, abomination of music. But to a person heavily involved, heavily entrenched in the Punk Rock scene, it becomes a lifestyle, a calling and a rally cry. To the outsider, a chaotic mess of anarchy and gang warfare; to the insider, it’s about comrades, fun and good times.
So many views, so many possibilities. So what exactly is Punk Rock? And why would I care to write about it? Because, my friends, the Punk scene is an unstable, amalgamation of people, ideas and styles. I write this because I am a Punk.
I already know what it’s like to be on the inside and on the outside as well. I know what some people consider punks to be isn’t true. But what I don’t know is what the mass majority of people think it takes to be a Punk. Or how the Punk scene operates. I’ve read the views of Joey “Shithead” Keithley (front man for Vancouver Punk band DOA) and the views of Rush Limbaugh (the hypocrite that he is). What I want is the moderate’s point of view. I want your point of view on the Punk scene.

There have been papers and interviews and videos done from many points of view. But intend to get most of my research from the people I surround my self with everyday. People like my family, my friends, my classmates, and the strangers I see everyday. What do they have to say? What do they know and what do they not know? I, for one, intend to find out. I invite you on my small journey to delve into the question: “What is Punk?”

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why Gum is good for you.

Most can agree that a lot of people chew gum. Perhaps even yourself. Now I just started carrying a pack of gum around with me, and I've found it helps with the compulsive urges. It also keeps my breath fresh, which I'm sure the chicks dig. But why write this you ask? Because I think it is still an addiction.

Oh sure its not a pack of smokes a day but those 30cents do add up. The other day I bought a 17stick pack of gum. This was on Saturday and it is now Wendnesday night and I have 2 Sticks left. This is quickly turning to an obession. What can I do about it. Well that is easy- just stop chewing it. The down side to that is A) my breath will not smell as good and B) I will go back to compulsive behaviors such as biting my finger nails. who really wants to have a kid with messed up fingers around them?

So in the end I shall continue to feed my addiction and try to keep it from turning to illegal things. Such as that wine I did not have with dinner the other night. But is it illegal when the family is drinking in their own home? And it is part of a familial celebration? I do not know but I do know that gum is good for me and that is enough.

Trav the Spazz

Oi! the Crowd

Oi! the Crowd, now all you young hooligans and ne'er do wells, listen up! John and I(mayhaps some one else too) shall be jointly working on this. I will blog what ever, but we got some rules. So here is what you can expect- everything should be at least one paragraph in length, most will be longer, but this is the minimum so you actually get something out of it. Becuase really who wants get on line to find out that some one only posted one word? Beyonds that, though it is fair game.

Trav the Spazz

Johnny Rumble:
Changes on the Horizon...

Since I decided to incorperate a couple New Members, Trais Arnold and Katlynn Weathers, the site has changed slightly as you can tell. New URL, New look with the same crusty flavor, new member. Bye Bye Read Respond Now, Hello The Future is Here!


Johnny Rumble:
My English Mid-term....

While Craig Hahn’s article, “How many points is this worth?” is very thought provoking and well detailed (and even provides a solution to the problem no less!), where it really lacks is an in-depth view of the issue. Mr. Hahn looks at the problem much like skimming the foam off of some milk.

Mr. Hahn points out quite early in the article the exact issue at hand, saying, “Frustration mounts when the students ask…’How many points will this be worth’ rather than, ‘What should we be thinking…when we do this?’” He finally gets to the topic at the end of paragraph three, “…the problem arises when out …zest for capitalism bleeds into out schools.” He continues, “…the more points –or capital- students accumulate the more successful we consider them.”

Mr. Hahn’s article is starting to sound like a more articulate, better written, form of “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore. Mr. Hahn points out later that students are starting to only believe they are in class to gain points, and through the actions of the teachers, the actions are only getting worse. He note, “A grade of 75%...should not mean that a student has completed enough work to accumulate three fourths of the points offered. Rather the grade should show that the
student understands…three fourths of the ideas…”

Horray! Somebody has figured the magical formula to fix all this nations problems! Let’s be real for a few paragraphs. While I can’t speak for my classmates, when I was in “mandatory” school, I never gave two shits about my grades. I fully understood every single concept thrown at me, and could probably blow a teachers out of the water. And, unfortunately, it was through this attitude that I ended up here at SVSU. Grades to me were never something important to
cherish and be proud of.

“Look Mom, all A’s!”

“That’s great dear, you should be proud.”

I never was and hated school. All I ever did was sit in class and listen to the teacher babble on about concepts that I already understood.

“Two times two equals four! Three times three equals nine!”

I might as well have been drinking my liver pickled. In fact that sounds good right now.

Ultimately, Hahn’s article does no justice to the problem at hand and has in fact made me tired and sleepy from reading it. And while I applaud Hahn for a journalistic first (that is, providing a solution to the problem), his ideas would take so long, and cost so much “capital” that people would not, could not accept it. Provide me with a job I’ll like with a pay I can live on, and I’ll return the grades you want too see. Until then leave me alone while I shuffle papers for this company that doesn’t even know my name.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Punk Rock Bastard Pack...

You say it’s only a phase
You say I’ll grow up soon
I’ll cut off my Mohawk
And wear some preppy clothes

Bespoke Mohawk
Dyed to match my blood
Ripped and torn hoodie
Patched up fabric, pogo fun

This is my life
This is what I choose
There’s no way I’m gonna lose
My friends got my back
Punk Rock Bastard Pack

Alienated by society
My views are too radical
Anarchy’s only a dream
Never too be seen

My feelings are locked away
Come through in these words
I hate the way you treat me
I’m not the hooligan you say


My friends stand by me
That’s all I ever ask
Comrades in arms
Chelloveks in Punk

Through all the fights
All the beer and booze
We stuck together
Brothers till the grave


Bespoke Mohawk
Dyed to match my blood
Ripped and torn hoodie
Patched up fabric, pogo fun

My feelings are locked away
Come through in these words
I hate the way you treat me
I’m not the hooligan you say


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
And it's still been a while...

Yeah yeah yeah...i'm not keeping up. Sue me. I should have a couple two three of essays up here soon. At least before the end of April. If i get the itch to write more i'll post it...keep your socks on...


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
It's Been a While...'s been a while since i posted...just got back from my spring break. Not much to report. March 4th, headed down to a place called The Players Playhouse. Amature Theater type was good and i had a fun time talking to the old guys. Went to the Autorama in Detroit on the 5th, got about 200 snaps of cars, trucks, bikes, and whatnot. On the 11th, i went bowling with some GM engineers and thier familys...something on the order of 240 hand still hurts from that...

Oh and finally got my mohawk...