Friday, March 31, 2006

Captial Idea

Finals week is here.
Now I have to take tests,
But then I go home to do it all again.
Just a few more days until the end of school.

Something is wrong, but I don’t know what.
Am I dreaming? Or is it real.

Then you have to repeat it all over again.
But this time is different, but I didn’t know it then.
One weekend the folks go out to the deck.
Tick tock. Hours go by,
Then I look out that window, and nothing is there.


Frantically yelling, thinking they came in. But it’s not to be.
Run around the neighborhood.
Grab my sister searching we go; we search all around
We can’t find them, but nothing we can do, so we do what we can
Seems like hours later Mom comes back.


An announcement she says.
Tersely we wait.
They were gone along time, and hey where is dad?
Is dad ok?

Your father and I have decided to get separated.
Wow what a pill to swallow.
But why?
I thought everything was fine.
That is shot to shit

Chrous #2:
Now I know something is wrong, and now I know why.
Am I dreaming? Or is it real

Next she is going to say it’s not your fault.
That’s nice-So why’d it happen.
And now it’s the last week of school.
Talk about a lot on your plate; but why

Chrous #2:

What went wrong, what went wrong?
How long has this been boiling.
Boiling, cauldron burning; oh, yes lets just take the kids life and change it.

Being used as pawns, it's not right
Give this to your mother, no I said he was to sign this; notarized, no I’ll do it.
It’s not right to drag you into it.
Well no shit.
But I’m thinking we’re past that.

Chrous #2:

The bed is made, and I’m sleeping in it soundly now.
So not much you can do, not much you can do.
When life is fucked enough already

By Trav the Spazz

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