Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
My English Mid-term....

While Craig Hahn’s article, “How many points is this worth?” is very thought provoking and well detailed (and even provides a solution to the problem no less!), where it really lacks is an in-depth view of the issue. Mr. Hahn looks at the problem much like skimming the foam off of some milk.

Mr. Hahn points out quite early in the article the exact issue at hand, saying, “Frustration mounts when the students ask…’How many points will this be worth’ rather than, ‘What should we be thinking…when we do this?’” He finally gets to the topic at the end of paragraph three, “…the problem arises when out …zest for capitalism bleeds into out schools.” He continues, “…the more points –or capital- students accumulate the more successful we consider them.”

Mr. Hahn’s article is starting to sound like a more articulate, better written, form of “Idiot Nation” by Michael Moore. Mr. Hahn points out later that students are starting to only believe they are in class to gain points, and through the actions of the teachers, the actions are only getting worse. He note, “A grade of 75%...should not mean that a student has completed enough work to accumulate three fourths of the points offered. Rather the grade should show that the
student understands…three fourths of the ideas…”

Horray! Somebody has figured the magical formula to fix all this nations problems! Let’s be real for a few paragraphs. While I can’t speak for my classmates, when I was in “mandatory” school, I never gave two shits about my grades. I fully understood every single concept thrown at me, and could probably blow a teachers out of the water. And, unfortunately, it was through this attitude that I ended up here at SVSU. Grades to me were never something important to
cherish and be proud of.

“Look Mom, all A’s!”

“That’s great dear, you should be proud.”

I never was and hated school. All I ever did was sit in class and listen to the teacher babble on about concepts that I already understood.

“Two times two equals four! Three times three equals nine!”

I might as well have been drinking my liver pickled. In fact that sounds good right now.

Ultimately, Hahn’s article does no justice to the problem at hand and has in fact made me tired and sleepy from reading it. And while I applaud Hahn for a journalistic first (that is, providing a solution to the problem), his ideas would take so long, and cost so much “capital” that people would not, could not accept it. Provide me with a job I’ll like with a pay I can live on, and I’ll return the grades you want too see. Until then leave me alone while I shuffle papers for this company that doesn’t even know my name.

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