Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why Gum is good for you.

Most can agree that a lot of people chew gum. Perhaps even yourself. Now I just started carrying a pack of gum around with me, and I've found it helps with the compulsive urges. It also keeps my breath fresh, which I'm sure the chicks dig. But why write this you ask? Because I think it is still an addiction.

Oh sure its not a pack of smokes a day but those 30cents do add up. The other day I bought a 17stick pack of gum. This was on Saturday and it is now Wendnesday night and I have 2 Sticks left. This is quickly turning to an obession. What can I do about it. Well that is easy- just stop chewing it. The down side to that is A) my breath will not smell as good and B) I will go back to compulsive behaviors such as biting my finger nails. who really wants to have a kid with messed up fingers around them?

So in the end I shall continue to feed my addiction and try to keep it from turning to illegal things. Such as that wine I did not have with dinner the other night. But is it illegal when the family is drinking in their own home? And it is part of a familial celebration? I do not know but I do know that gum is good for me and that is enough.

Trav the Spazz

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