Saturday, April 29, 2006

okay its been to long.

Hi to the new guy on this site!

Okay so I havn't been doing my part on this site and posting, and I am sorry guys.

So here it gose my list for this week.

1. I think 4/20 is a halarious holiday.
2. I'm very excited about prom tonight it's going to be a blast!
3. I think prom its to expensive but heck i probly wont get to go next year.
4. My sisters wedding is in a year as of tomarrow. And could possibly land on prom next year...
5. I'm saving my money to buy my own vehicle.
6. Pj pants are the best thing next to sliced bread.
7. The discovery channle is adictive.
8. 4 More weeks left of school. I don't think I can make it.
9. Johns poem was very good about the abused gril, but kinda creepy that he could think of something that descriptive. It gave me the chills.
10. I know think im rambling but i don't care.
11. I've narrowed my collage choices down, but still have one more year of high school left.
12. People who think you cant do well in life with out a highschool diploma are just not optomistic enough.
13. The last thought of the week is...

I think some people just need to grow up and relize I'm growing up too.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
And Wouldn't you know it...

Something comes to me as i'm lying in bed...oh well.

Reader Discretion Advised: The following does portray a violent crime against a woman. I do not condone nor support support such crimes. But in the same token, words are not a crime, nor is the portrail of a crime a crime. So to those that are offended by this, close your browser and walk away. If not, read on.

Fuck you, you stupid bitch
You gave me nothing blows
To my face, to my arms,
Filled my head with twisted dreams
Next thing you know
You'll be found in a ditch

Outside of town
Your body so mangled
bloodied and brusied
so sexually abused
The Police won't even know
Who they found

But your parents will weep
And the town will cry
I'll be crying too
From the laughter of the torture
I got out of you.


Johnny Rumble:
I'll make this quick...

I'm on a writing hiatis until further notice. No ideas are coming to mind, nor is there inspiration to be found. I might have some stuff come Mid-May but i don't know. So until then...go do something...


Narrative Poem: Tim And Jimmy

Timmy And Jimmy

Timmy rolled out from bed, five minutes to late
To the sound of smashing hands. Hanging around in the kitchen,
Jimmy’s trooped over the street and let himself in, they’re going to the show
Dashing to and fro his curfew is beat and the night is still young.
Now it has happened, that feeling of camaraderie, brotherly love.
The Excuse has happened, curfew has broken.
Needed by his mother to ground him.
They’ll be split into a faction.
They did it on a whim.
Skipped out with his friend Jimmy.
Went down to 14th & V, for the latest show.
In the pit almost ripped from limb to limb
For being called a skinhead, and he’s not poor…oh no
Needing help he turned to Jim.
The two friends started a fight that went to and fro.
They did it on a whim.
The thrashing continues, until the next song, when they decide to end the row.
Better then friends, closer the then brothers
They’ve lived their lives shoulder to shoulder.
Shunned by others.
As they grew older.
Living on streets and in a friend’s home
For their families are busts.
Having to cope with making it on your own.
Spending nights with a bottle, the mornings in disgust.
They do it on a whim.
Fighting all day
Moshing all night.
Its all they do.
They can’t tell if it’s right. All they’ve known.
Meet some girls who looked a site.
Found them interesting beyond the usual way
Thinking they have found the two perfect ones.
So the family expands, still close knit.
Now their older and happy with family but still no luck with pay.
Working the 9 to 5 still not paying
No jobs are in sight for this family of fun.
Years have passed the shows have been seen, plenty of joy
What can they say but that their luck has been run.
For now they realize the joy they’ve found
Is slowly dying around.

Trav the Spazz

One Day

Playing pool all day
Playing guitar in a bad way
Then the evening has begun
And will end with fun.

Down to the local store
Getting a drink or four,
Now we’re set, to let us chill.
Move the sofa to mosh till we’ve had our fill.

Moshed to Anti Flag so hard
We used the sink as a fountain.
Calling circle pit at the end of the song,
With only two people is pointless
Yet it can still be fun when you elbow his eye
And get hit right back.

Fine all you have to do is have a good time
Relish spending that time with your mates.
Doing stupid human tricks that only you find funny
Funny thing is, even you don’t know why!

Makes it all that much more fun.
When all you can play on that guitar
Is two more power chords then you could yesterday.

Found a new pastime deals with ska
Skanking is fun. Even more when
You don’t know what your doing
Skaning to ska natural rhythms from the beat.
Now we are on to wave three.
Yet trad is still the best, followed by third wave
Ska/Punk, punk/ ska its all damn good.
Dekker, Operation Ivy still kick ass after all these years

Introduced John to Mike, go watch a movie.
Then come back at 4 am talk about hilarity and being goofy
Conversations about chili mac.
Being so stupid I’m calling bed time!
Reverting to telling random stories
Before we fall asleep.

Trav the Spazz

Monday, April 17, 2006

Forum Chaser....

Ok, here is "poem I wrote about a weekend" if anyone reads this can they tell me if these sorts things are shit,or if they're decent.
So here it is:

Forum Chaser…
Sitting at my computer
Clicking the buttons
Setting up the music, ready to relax.
Finding that I’m spending the time
Sitting at my computer
Plying the McKenzie forum
Blogging away, posting essays
And poems, poems about life and experiences.
Sitting at my computer, Switch back to the Forum.
Iain posted and Antii replied;
Lets talk about Op Ivy some more,
Any one know if the band is coming to the East Coast?
No one knows and I’m the only one
Still on the board, so I switch over to MSN.
Talk to my mates on Messenger.

Hirni’s back in town,
And it's cool if I come over.
Get the jacket and head out the door.
Walking down the block; thinking about my poems.
Are they really any good? I’ll show Scott.
So I get to Scott’s house, decide to tell him
About the poems I’ve got on the back burner.
We start down to the basement;
To play some video games, checking out the new videogame.
Sitting on the couch
Hours pass and Julie comes back,
And they’re going out to dinner.
So I head on home to check the forum

Sitting at my computer.
John has blogged,
Antii has posted.
Talking to John on MSN
As I reply to Antii’s post.
Life seems good.
Snatch a bite to eat,
Watch a movie with Dad
Sitting in the den.
Lying in my bed.

Trav the Spazz

Sunday, April 16, 2006

what oh what should i write about....

i havnt posted in a great while and im sorry... i just dont know what to write about since my life is kinda boring and im pretty shur u two guys and ne one els who reads this wants to know about my daily life. as a 17 year old female in Oklahoma....

so im gonna start somthing.... "15 I belives" for the week and will be posted every monday or sunday night...

this week....

1. i belive that while serching for a brides maid dress the bridesmaid should have some say in what the dress looks like...
2. The Man is a great movie...
3. my easter was good even tho i think since i became diabetic... the candy suplie for easter and christmas has definatly been cut down 90%....
4. i think that ranch is fabulous on everything... well almost everything
5. Trucks are way cooler then cars...
6. Prom is extreamly exspensive.
7. my puppies are awsome and they are so cute.
8. now im just rambling
9. i think that its scary that im gonna get to vote in the next presedental election
10. its scary that im gonna be 18 in 6 months
11. Diet Dr. Pepper is so much better then Diet Coke.
12. i think band is officaly gay now.
13. this week is gonna kill me!
14. stress is horible..... shoot me now....
15. I Belive that if you have an A in any one class no matter what the absenses are that you have in that class, that you should be able to exempt that final.

ne ways i think ill start doing this once a week just b/c i dont know what to write about.

love ya!

ok cruise time......

Ok I had a spectacular time, and I am less uptight-eating a bowl of icecream topped with mustard will do that to you; I also left out the fact that later on I ate some sort of pizza with onions, and chocolate pudding, olives and mashed up donought bits, plus sour cream....but I can now safely say I am way less uptight about things. So hopefully this shall continue and I can actually grow up some and end up less fearful wouldn't that be nice. I also have pictures, and hopefully I can get more

Becuase my sister was being a twit I could not use her camera and so am having to rely on the good will of people I met on the cruise. Overall it was a good week, I had lots fun, and my grandparents seemed normal, they weren't jumping down my throat or anything and seemed not to mind my jacket- ah well what can one do.

So things that I learned on this trip;
1. It's fine to just introduce yourself to people
2. Just go with the the flow
3. Try not to piss everyone in your age group off at once
4. The goal of scaring someone a day is really fun and should be looked at more to try to gain something from it.
5. Do not play the same 2 Clash songs over and over
6. Rap is really bad
7. Card games are fun, but dares are cooler

ok now on to the pictures: the drawing on the left is one I did of John (Kilt Wearing Punk) and it comes from a 2 tone photo he sent me before I left. That one at the top is one a group picture and I am in the back with a glass of lemonade the second is my mom and I taken from the dock and the third is me with 2 people who played cards during a day at sea. Hope this is satisfactory and as more pictures come in I shall of course post them

Punk Kid

Ok, so thanks to Walt Whitman and his song of myself, I had to write a poem about myself, but with a small twist-I tried to make it sort of cynical, perhaps a sense of hopelessness, or some of those sort of qualities. I'll let you be the judge of how it came out, but I hope it at least has some merit. It had to be 50 lines at a minumum, and I might have gone over, but I didn't want to make it seem forced or contrived.

Hope you like it-
Trav the Spazz

Punk Kid

It’s a phase
A punk is what I am
They just think I’m a cutup.
Punk wearing slacker clothes
It’s a mark of pride
Why the fashion rush
To just be like everyone else?
Everyone looks the same
By trying to be different.-
Laced Up shoe, donned the jacket I’m ready
For a day with friends
Maybe we will watch a movie,
Or stomp around the bookstore.
People turn and stare, we stare back.
Don’t fit into their perceptions
I don’t think they like us.
Not hooligans, just kids
Getting to the end of our ropes, fed up with clich├ęs
Yet if we too use them
Does that make us them?

Just let everyone be them selves
Stop the fighting between us.
Emo rap metal, who cares when it’s all music
Why does everyone have a bone to pick?
Peace in our time Chamberlain’s words,
Still ring hollow for fighting still exists.

I feel it will never end
When people refuse to agree.
But when people fight never realizing
What you are fighting for, it already exists.
Yet still the stereotypes are perpetuated
And when I look around, all I see is hate.

Skins and Mohicans
Anyone who looks different, has a dubious honor-
To be shunned by their peers.
Yet others wonder why subcultures keep to them selves.
Because it is there that we are accepted.
It is there that we can find happiness and a good time.
Unity, this civilization good will towards all is bullshit,
Trying to call out how I see it
I can’t be wrong what with all these invasions
Since you don’t invade a country that you like.
Or am I just behind the times?

Societies as a whole,
Need to be more accepting
Or else how shall we survive?
I believe this, and its now being tested,
It’s not going to be global warming
That does Homo sapiens in,
It will be our own fears
Of the unknown, the unexplained
Combined with other factors.
So I shall stick with my friends
Continuing to be myself.
Living how I want to.
Punk rock kid in my suburban slice of the world.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm Back.....

Ok, the cruise was great, and I had a real rad time. I met some people, some in Baltimore, and SoCal etc. I will tell all about my exploits tommorow, because I feel really bad right now, but still wanted to let everyone know that I am back safe and sound. Well the desk is rocking right now, so I think I need to get my land legs back and hopefully sleep will do that.

Hope everyone had a grand week with out me(but not to grand)

Trav the Spazz

Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
"Big Baller?" You Suck...

What ever happened to the clean and simple?

There was a time in custom trucking where nobody was trying to tuck 23 plus inch wheels under their ride. Back then a set of 20’s were awesome and the cleaner your ride was the better it was. Now people are trying to radical facelifts, garish multi-faceted paint, and overly bad looking body modifications. The “Big Baller” style. Yeah. Whatever.

I’ve seen some trucks that have so much money poured into it, I can be sure that the vehicles are a certified “trailer queen.” You know the type, the ones that spend more time on a trailer than turning their own wheels. While, yes, under the spotlight the trucks are stunning and revolutionary. But what about out on the road? One scratch on the paint job and the whole truck will have to be re-sprayed.

Yes, your marbleized, candied, gator skinned ride is damn right pimp, but how many miles has is it rolled? How much have you gone down to the local cruise and shown what you have done? Oh…you didn’t build it? You mean you paid a shop to do all that?

Come here, I want to show you something. It’s called a home-grown. You see the frame dragging stance? I did that, in my garage, on my own time. See that blown 350? I built that too. How about that single color paint job? I sprayed that. My friend, I…yes I, built that. All of it. I took my own sweet time and enjoyed spending time turning the wrenches to get it in the condition you see now. Looks good eh?

Granted I’m not running 26 inch wheels and 8000 watt sound systems, but I bet I can out accelerate, out stop, and out perform you in every way. And oh yeah…I can actually drive it too.


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Road A or Road B?...

There comes a time in a person’s life when he has to think about his future and his life. Lately I have been thinking about mine. Back in the summer of 2005 I made the decision to attend Saginaw Valley State University. The only reason I decided to leave my native state of Oklahoma was to pursue the money.

My parents (bless their souls) had set me up a Michigan Education Trust Fund. With the fund, I would be able to go to any college in Michigan and not have to worry about the tuition. University of Michigan, Michigan Tech, Central Michigan. Anywhere, as long as the grades carried me there. Basically I came to Michigan because of the money. I left my friends and adopted family back in Oklahoma to follow the scent trail of money.

While I have realized that I made a mistake, I am also struggling with the decision to of whether to stay in California with my parents and getting a place there later, or moving back to Oklahoma when my finances allow me to do so. While it would mean having to move at the end of August or September (I’m leaving most of my stuff here in Michigan with my aunt), I feel that I would be able to better prosper and develop around my friends.

But I also feel that I want to move out because of the current riff my father about my punk lifestyle. Ultimately, I will make a final decision come around the end of this summer when my parents will be dragging me across the country back to Michigan for a family reunion, which I feel pointless. The only people I ever see are the people I see every time I go to Michigan. I’m hoping that, maybe, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom will be able to make it this time around, but that is never likely.

So really I sit here and ponder my future. Stay in California and get a Bachelors degree in something, or go to Oklahoma and get an Associates degree from attending just a few classes a year. Road A or Road B. Let my parents provide consoling and guidance in my life or take the final reins to my life and forge my own trail. What am I to do?


Friday, April 07, 2006

Off for a week, so here is a parting Gift...


So I’m going on a cruise. Over spring break. This will be the first time I have seen my mom’s parents since the divorce. Now that I have embraced my uniqueness, and said the hell with it all, and wear my camo jacket and listen to all kinds of music-Tupac, Desmond Dekker, TRM, Sham 69, Social D, Elvis Costello, The Beatles and more. So, in other words saying I have changed since the last time they saw me is an understatement. But this is supposed not be about personal stuff, so time to change tacks.

People should be proud of who they are. Punk, Mod, Gangsta rappa-why should you care what other people think as long as you are comfortable with your own self. People who try to control by making you think that their opinion is all that matters; well that is not cool. Maybe you listen to one person more then others, and it is their advice you routinely seek. That is great, they didn’t force you, and you can still be your own person. That should be the norm, but sadly it’s not. Too many people try to have their say and as some can attest the afterwards and consequences aren’t pretty.

People need to be more accepting of a person and not base their opinions on assumptions or stereotypes. Sure I might have short hair and a camo jacket, and you might say skinhead, but I’m not-and a skinhead is not necessary a bad person. You find a person at shows and everyone is having a good time. I don’t care if he is wearing white braces or if his chum as red laces-and that means something 100% of the time? That is only the case if both you and they make it. Here is an example: I can put red laces on my chucks but does that make me a neo-nazi? Hell no, if a person suggests it well, I might tell them no, I must definitely not but would I assume them a racist or bigot? Nope.

Now if a person made racist comments or derogatory remarks-that is a whole other ball game. That should not be tolerated by anyone. Ask them to shut up or shove off (preferably both). Please note that most conflicts can be solves peacefully, but if they mess with you then make sure that they can’t hurt you again.

Ok that’s all for now folks

Trav the Spazz

Johnny Rumble:
Well Damn...

I missed Tartan Day. Now I'm pissed. I'm pissed when i should be pissed. Damn it. Oh well I still wear the plaid, I still have my Mohawk, I still have my boots. That makes me a little happier. But was Tartan Day!!! And I missed it!!! I suck.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
What is Punk?...

Punk. One simple word that can conjure many different feelings and many different understandings. To the casual observer, a punk can be a hooligan and a non-contributing member of society. It can also be seen as a screeching, offensive, abomination of music. But to a person heavily involved, heavily entrenched in the Punk Rock scene, it becomes a lifestyle, a calling and a rally cry. To the outsider, a chaotic mess of anarchy and gang warfare; to the insider, it’s about comrades, fun and good times.

So many views, so many possibilities. So what exactly is Punk Rock? And why would I care to write about it? Because, my friends, the Punk scene is an unstable, amalgamation of people, ideas and styles. I write this because I am a Punk.

I already know what it’s like to be on the inside and on the outside as well. I know what some people consider punks to be isn’t true. But what I don’t know is what the mass majority of people think it takes to be a Punk. Or how the Punk scene operates. I’ve read the views of Joey “Shithead” Keithley (front man for Vancouver Punk band DOA) and the views of Rush Limbaugh (the hypocrite that he is). What I want is the moderate’s point of view on the Punk scene.

There have been papers and interviews and videos done from many points of view. But intend to get most of my research from the people I surround my self with everyday. People like my family, my friends, my classmates, and the strangers I see everyday. What do they have to say? What do they know and what do they not know? I, for one, intend to find out. I invite you on my small journey to delve into the question: “What is Punk?”

So really, what is Punk? Is it just a fashion fad? A music trend? Or is it something much larger, like a way of life, a way of thinking, and a way of perceiving? A quick endeavor into the history of Punk Rock might reveal a couple of clues. In 1975, the widely considered quintessential Punk band The Ramones first came together. In 1976 they released their first album. Recreating the “two minute song” in the era of six minute, over produced ballads (a la, The Rolling Stones, Journey, and Styx), The Ramones created a sound that new and different. It was, in fact, so radical that the record companies wouldn’t touch it for many more years.

In ’76 or ’77, The Ramones sound was exported to Great Britain, where the sound morphed into a tougher, ruder sound (Jaffe). English bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and The Damned paved the way for Punk Rock to become ever more popular in America. With songs such as “Anarchy in the U.K.”, “London’s Burning”, and “God Save the Queen,” Punk Rock was quickly becoming the new “in” thing to be.

Fast forward to 1979. Punk Rock has been collapsing in on itself. With most of the big Punk bands going to major record labels, Punk had become lost, and without a message that had not already been told. Punk was on its way out. Or was it? With the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980, the punk scene suddenly had something to scream about. With Reaganomics and England’s Thatcherism, the Punk scene once again caught like wildfire. With “Ronnie Rayguns” “Star Wars” programs, and Thatcher’s lack of concern of politics outside of the commonwealth, bands and “Rock Against...” concerts came out in full force in attempts to stop the nuclear madness that was ensuing.

When Reagan and Thatcher were removed from office in ’88 and ‘90, the Punk scene again cooled-down to the point of near non-existence. Only a few diehard punks were left to carry the torch. This is what some have called “The Modern Era.” With the emergence of Pop-Punk came a new wave. Instead of focusing on hardships and politics from the earlier eras, bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, and Sum-41 focused on parties, parental trouble, and love. With the growth of these bands and their different messages, pop-punk became very popular. With all of the Modern Era bands snapped up and selling millions of albums, a void was left in the underground.

Enter the much less popular bands, with dedicated messages and definite political leanings. With bands such as The Casualties, The Forgotten, NOFX, and The Lower Class Brats, a much more hardcore sound emerged. The DIY (do-it-yourself) ethic had emerged. Bands produced their own CD’s, promoted their own tours, and encouraged others to start their own bands.

Through the entire history of Punk, there have always been a few bands that brought undue attention and may have even helped in its declines. The Sex Pistols in the 70’s with it’s onstage antics and offstage interviews (one only remembers the infamous Today Show interview with Johnny Rotten), to The Damned violent shows. But even these do not eclipse what is probably the most destructive, and yet most respected and most influential hardcore punk band of all-time. The Exploited. These guys have started riots, been thrown in jail, have actually been banned from playing in many European countries, and yet, still manage to walk away from it all.
But enough about the history and back to the questions. What is Punk? The New Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Punk: n. 1: a young inexperienced person 2: a petty hoodlum. Well…yes, some hoodlums are Punks, but not all Punks are hoodlums.

Many of my friends and comrades define punk differently. In fact I sent out a mass questionnaire that had only four questions on it.

1.) What is Punk?

2.) What does it take to be a Punk?

3.) What inspired you to be/reject/listen to Punk?

4.) What is the one most misunderstood thing about being a Punk?

The majority of the answers were not very clean cut definitions and answers. The majority hit me back saying something to the effect, “Punk is a fashion fad; all you need to be punk is some clothes,” and on and on. Very poor and much uninformed. But there were a few very good simple answers. Sean Tilley writes,

“Punk is a lifestyle out the accepted "norm". What it takes is a strong sense of individuality and determination to go against what is accepted through non-violent acts. My inspiration was the freedom and the tenacity of the music. The number one most misunderstood thing it that being a punk is the way you dress when in reality it’s the life you lead.”

Brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. I say that this is a man that know exactly what it takes to be a Punk and knows exactly what shapes his world. A few people seemed to think that being Punk simply meant being anti-government and anti-societal.

One questionnaire came back from Deborah Habel. She writes:

“1) What is Punk?
Punk n. [Origin unknown.]
1. Slang.
a. A young person, especially a member of a rebellious
counterculture group.
b. An inexperienced young man.
2. Music.
a. Punk rock.
b. A punk rocker.
a. Slang. A young man who is the sexual partner of an older
b. Archaic. A prostitute.

adj.: of very poor quality [syn.: bum, cheap, cheesy, chintzy, crummy,
sleazy, tinny] n
1: an aggressive and violent young criminal [syn: hood, hoodlum,
goon, thug, tough, toughie, strong-armer]
4: a teenager or young adult who is a performer (or enthusiast) of
punk rock and a member of the punk youth subculture [syn: punk rocker]
5: rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and
social alienation; in part a reaction against progressive rock [syn:
punk rock]

2) What does it take to be a Punk?
Not much. No self-respect (read: emotional & physical self-abuse/neglect). Poor relations with others, inability to resolve anger, ambivalence. Lack of motivation, curiosity of the world (history, literature, science, etc., beyond contemporary children’s culture – cartoons, comics, etc.). Lack of knowledge of the world beyond their immediate day-to-day circle. Explosive anger. I wonder if depression may be at a root of the punk’s self-destructive patterns. Given the slang definitions surrounding homosexuality and boy-toy-ism (for lack of a better word), I find the use of the term completely undesirable, lest one be truly misunderstood. Decayed wood is a good analogy for the fully-developed punk.

3) What inspired you to be/reject/listen to Punk?
Reject. Deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation. Incredibly bad fitting clothing. Incredibly vile things some do to their bodies in the name of fashion/art/self-expression (read: piercings, tattoos, really bad haircuts, even worse hair colors). The association with homosexuality, prostitution and violent anger.

4) What is the one most misunderstood thing about being a Punk?
You’ve got me there. I’m interested in reading your paper; perhaps you can enlighten me. Although, I’m not sure you really understand the full definition when you call yourself a “punk,” and what others may understand by your use of the word, the style, etc. People don’t always hear the words the same way – they mean different things to different people. I’m very concerned that people think the homosexual/boy-toy/prostitute definition of you (especially scary since you advertise that you wear a skirt [referring to author’s email address, kiltwearingpunk]). And, knowing that you’re a good guy with a ton of potential, the identification you have with the angry, alienated, disaffected, apathetic and ne’er-do-well’s of society puzzles me.”

Excellent response. Exactly what I was looking for. I’d like to take a quick moment to analyze and pick apart her e-mail back. Mrs. Habel notes in question two, “Poor relations with others, inability to resolve anger, ambivalence. Lack of motivation, curiosity of the world (history, literature, science, etc., beyond contemporary children’s culture – cartoons, comics, etc.). Lack of knowledge of the world beyond their immediate day-to-day circle.”

I would argue most of what she has just said. When I and some of my friends go to punk shows, we have found the people to be extremely friendly and a willingness to buy you a drink (be it a coke or beer). A lack of curiosity about the world I believe is also false, seeing as how most Punk songs are written about current politics and history (I think about songs by The Dropkick Murphys and The Real McKenzies), and that most punks that I have met have a very good since of history and literature (not to mention science: home-made beer and barley pops). I have met Punks that have been able to give me a run down of the “Communist Manifesto,” and personally know some punks that can give me a listing of ordinances passed in my hometown, Edmond, Oklahoma.

Deborah Habel also notes through out the questionnaire about associations with homosexuality. My response to this is, “So?” While I do not know if she is implying that all Punks are either bi- or gay, I can answer for myself. I am not gay, but that doesn’t stop me and others from trying to push gay rights and helping support the gay community. I’ll welcome gays and lesbians into my home and treat them with just as much respect as a heterosexual. And just for a couple of seconds I’m going to defend my kilt. Two words…uninhibited freedom.

Deborah Habels husband, Mark on the other hand takes a completely different view about the Punk Scene. He writes:

“1. What is Punk?
More than a style of rock music and less than a philosophy, although I have heard some aspire to a nihilism that they call a philosophy. The term became common in the mid-seventies to identify a style of rock music. In 1978, I saw a documentary about British Punk called The Punk Rock Movie, that traced roots back several years. I think Punks range from hobbyists, who like the music and enjoy dressing up, to renegades, who own up to angst and nihilism, and want to live acceptably beyond the fringe.

2. What does it take to be a Punk?
I don’t have an answer that sums it up. Here are two attributes that seem to be required.
§ Listen to Punk music
§ Be willing to be conspicuous
Anger and nihilism were common characteristics 30 years ago, but not a necessity.

3. What inspired you to be/reject/listen to Punk?
I was inspired to listen to Punk in the mid 1970s because I was curious about popular music. In addition, I was disdainful of the disco that was popular then, and so were the Punks. I liked the Sex Pistols, and bought their first record. It reminded me of music from the late 1960s and early 1970s, which I liked: Lou Reed, the MC5, Them. I still listen to some early Punk music and music influenced by Punk. I am a fan of The Clash and Billy Bragg, who claims to have been heavily influenced by The Clash. I rejected the fashion because I was and am a stuffed shirt. The appearance seemed to be time-consuming to achieve and a pose of poverty and poor health (very common, incidentally, among rock styles over the decades). My pose was rumpled minimalism, by the way.

4. What is the one most misunderstood thing about being a Punk?
I guess that it is merely a style of rock music.
Are these misunderstandings?
§ Punks are usually angry at the Man.
§ They believe that there is undeserved prejudice against them.
§ They want the Man to perceive them as losers.
I have some questions that might clear up my own misunderstandings.
1. Can a Punk be a successful athlete?
2. Can a Punk vote republican?
3. Can a Punk aspire to high grades in school?”

I find it sad that I can’t find anything inside his response to either pick apart, or argue against. I do agree that Nihilism is a core theme and can be found in spades in many Punk songs, but I don’t agree with his statement about nihilism being unnecessary today. At least not in the underground Punk. The major label “Pop-Punk” bands, sure it’s not common, and I would argue that it is in fact discouraged. But in the underground, it’s another matter. Metaphorically, they look up and see society degrading it self into a mush that is blander than lettuce tossed in the blender. They see commercials using sex and soft porn to advertise products, while politicians destroy free thought and movement (shades of the Patriot Act and 1917’s Sedition Act anyone?).

What I can do, however, is at least attempt to answer Mr. Habel’s questions. I believe that a Punk can be a successful athlete. I don’t see a reason why a Punk can’t go on to the Olympics. Or maybe you meant multi-million dollar contracts with major sports teams? In that case I would have to divert to, “It depends.” A very good football player who is ranked in the top ten lists, signing with a team for just $300,000 a year? I’d say that’s Punk. A star player staying with the team that gave him his first shot at the “big-leagues” after several teams offer him more lucrative contracts? I’d say that’s Punk too. And of course a Punk can vote conservatively. There’s a whole scene out there for Conservative Punks. And why can’t a punk aspire to high marks in school? All that means is that he’s dedicated to something.

Joey “Shithead” Keithley is the front man of the Vancouver based hardcore punk band DOA. Keithley has always been an activist and a DIY advocator. Besides his band, he also runs an independent record company called Sudden Death Records. Having always been at the forefront of the Punk scene, he has seen many different trends and many different sights. In a column he wrote for The Globe and Mail in November of 2003, he made it very plain exactly what punk was in his eyes. Keithley writes,

“When punk started, it was seen by many as a noisy, obnoxious, hedonistic type of music bent purely on a peculiar brand of very destructive nihilism. At least that’s what the mainstream media repeatedly and forcibly kept telling people. But there was a whole other side to punk that many did not see… punk rock had become a youth driven, revolutionary, countercultural phenomenon. Punk was activist, political, ugly and utterly unafraid of kicking the establishment square in the groin. Punks rallied against the utterly insane buildup of conventional and nuclear weapons in the West and the East. Protests and benefit concerts were held in aid of a broad spectrum of causes: against racism, against tuition fee hikes, for battered women’s shelters, for jailed American Indian Movement leader Leonard Peltier, among others.” (Keithley R13)

Keithley’s words are backed up by his own personal mantra “talk-action=0.” All I can say to Keithley’s words is this: Hoo-rah, carry on.

Obviously, as with anything, there will be people who react negatively to Punk Rock. It has been rumored that during a Ramones concert a representative of A&M Records left after only one-half of a song was played (Jaffe). Also, a response to Keithley’s column stated that Punk “…is boring” (Dunn) and is arrogant and elitist. The writer also said that Punks had, “…pretentious bleating” and “careless violence,” (Dunn). While the respondent provided no evidence of any of this “bleating” and “violence,” his own arrogance shines through readily.

I found in the Amarillo Globe’s online database a small story about a high school brawl gone horribly wrong. In Amarillo, Texas there resides a nationwide recognized figure named Brian Deneke. Many of the friends of Deneke have said “He never looked for trouble,” and he “…was about the nicest guy you could find,” (George). So much so that Deneke earned the nickname “Sunshine,” from his friends (Amarillo). Deneke led the Amarillo music scene and had taught many of the other kids about politics and other school subjects. Even though Deneke was a high school dropout (he later earned his G.E.D. (Amarillo)), he always told the others to complete school. He, according to his father, was “…artistically gifted,” (George). Brian Deneke was a good natured kid, who just thought differently and dressed differently. Brian Deneke was killed on December 13, 1997. He was killed because he was different. He was killed because he was a Punk. I have to ask: what is the world coming to when a person cannot be different from the mass population of people? Why can’t I, for instance, walk down the street with my Mohawk without getting angry glares from mothers, sneers from the jocks, and Old Timers looking at me weird? Granted, I usually do go talk to those Old Timers and try swapping some stories with them, which I guess is odd to them, but the point remains. People have said that world is more tolerant than it has ever been, but from my point of view I can’t see what they’re saying. Is this really a great “age of tolerance?”

In my travels and studies I’ve found out this: Punk Rock is not about getting drunk, smashing things and causing violence. Punk Rock is about being different than the majority of the population. Punk Rock is about thinking A-Z while most only think about A, B, and C. Punk Rock is not violence, but pacifism. Punk Rock is not about living the way people want you to live; it’s about living the way you want to live and changing the status quo. Punk is not a fad, Punk is not going away, Punk is here to stay. Punks not Dead. Nor will it ever be. No matter you or I go there will always be somebody doing something opposite what everybody else is doing. Punk is not silent; Punk is loud, obnoxious, and annoying. But to those who tune in being a Punk is about absolute freedom.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I'm so glad i dont buy meat from the grocry store....

Which Do You Reach For?

Picture Yourself Looking at two steaks on a grocer’s shelf. Each is hermetically sealed in clear plastic wrap. One is bright pink, rimmed with a crescent of pearly white fat. The other is brown, and its fat is the color of a smokers teeth.

Which do you reach for?

While doing my research in nearly every article I came across I saw this quote and question and it made me really think of how scary, and dangerous and competitive today’s beef market has become.
An average everyday consumer of beef would reach for the brighter more colorful steak because they think it’s more fresh and of better quality. Which do u think is the better of the two? A smarter than average beef consumer would look at the processing dates of the beef, and chose from that. This is because in today’s competitive beef market the cuts of beef are being treated with Carbon-Monoxide.
Meat industries have begun to spike meat packages with carbon monoxide. Although the gas is harmless to human’s health at the levels being used; the gas gives meat a bright pink hue that will last for weeks. The reasoning for this is the meat industry hopes that this will save them as much as one billon dollars it loses from having to throw away meat that is still fresh and perfectly safe but no longer pretty.
Probably the most disturbing part of this is the fact that the meat can sit for days on your table top or counter and after those few days the meat will still look as fresh as it did the day you brought it home from the grocer. The meat will not show any of the tale tale signs it would if it was spoiled. These signs are slime, brown coloring, and fowl odors. The carbon monoxide treated meat can also suppress growth and signs of pathogens such as Clostridium botulinum Salmonella and E-coli.
Since 2002 the FDA allowed a few producers and packing firms to use this technique used under a process known as genetically recognized as safe, or commonly known as GRAS. So the FDA didn’t do any further research of their own.
Opponents also say the FDA was wrong to consider carbon monoxide a color fixative rather then a color additive. This was a crucial desionb/c the additives must pass a rigorous FDA review. They note that freshly cut meat looks purplish red, and that the addition of carbon monoxide of which binds to a muscle protein and it irreversibly turns pink.
Proponents of the gas counter that meat turns from purple to red just from sitting in the air, and that carbon monoxide prevents the next step, in which meats turn brown. They also say consumers should pay attention to “sell or freeze by dates” as the best indicator of meats freshness.

“Now picture a refrigerator truck breaking down in Arizona and sitting there for an afternoon. Then, Hey, it’s repaired and nobody knows the difference there you go!”
That was also another quote I found while doing my research that absolutely scared me to death.

Yeah of course nobody’s going to know the difference, because the meat has been tampered with. The consumers of this meat won’t know the difference till they eat it, and realize that they have just consumed spoiled meat and it makes them sick. Because there was no signs of spoilage because of the carbon-monoxide suppressing the chemical reactions that happen when meat starts to go bad.

Using carbon monoxide is considered a waste elimination method. Producers think this is an excellent way to reduce cost of throwing out “old looking meat” and keeping prices completive with the consumers.
Some producers state that the treated product should have a label that it has been treated with carbon monoxide. And that the consumers should depend on the expiration dates for true freshness. But most producer do not require it that there products do not have to have this label.

Many processors are afraid that with using this technique that the consumers will focus more attention on the color and appearance of their product and not focus on the expiration dates that tell when the meat is no longer edible.
But no one knows how much carbon monoxide treated meat is being sold to consumers. The company’s involved are privately owned or keep there processing techniques quiet. This new technology of treating meat with carbon monoxide is some how seen as potentially great. But honestly this potential is not so great because this meat is going to hurt someone and make them sick and possibly kill them. This is a revolution that needs to be stopped in there tracks.

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