Friday, April 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
"Big Baller?" You Suck...

What ever happened to the clean and simple?

There was a time in custom trucking where nobody was trying to tuck 23 plus inch wheels under their ride. Back then a set of 20’s were awesome and the cleaner your ride was the better it was. Now people are trying to radical facelifts, garish multi-faceted paint, and overly bad looking body modifications. The “Big Baller” style. Yeah. Whatever.

I’ve seen some trucks that have so much money poured into it, I can be sure that the vehicles are a certified “trailer queen.” You know the type, the ones that spend more time on a trailer than turning their own wheels. While, yes, under the spotlight the trucks are stunning and revolutionary. But what about out on the road? One scratch on the paint job and the whole truck will have to be re-sprayed.

Yes, your marbleized, candied, gator skinned ride is damn right pimp, but how many miles has is it rolled? How much have you gone down to the local cruise and shown what you have done? Oh…you didn’t build it? You mean you paid a shop to do all that?

Come here, I want to show you something. It’s called a home-grown. You see the frame dragging stance? I did that, in my garage, on my own time. See that blown 350? I built that too. How about that single color paint job? I sprayed that. My friend, I…yes I, built that. All of it. I took my own sweet time and enjoyed spending time turning the wrenches to get it in the condition you see now. Looks good eh?

Granted I’m not running 26 inch wheels and 8000 watt sound systems, but I bet I can out accelerate, out stop, and out perform you in every way. And oh yeah…I can actually drive it too.


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