Monday, April 17, 2006

Forum Chaser....

Ok, here is "poem I wrote about a weekend" if anyone reads this can they tell me if these sorts things are shit,or if they're decent.
So here it is:

Forum Chaser…
Sitting at my computer
Clicking the buttons
Setting up the music, ready to relax.
Finding that I’m spending the time
Sitting at my computer
Plying the McKenzie forum
Blogging away, posting essays
And poems, poems about life and experiences.
Sitting at my computer, Switch back to the Forum.
Iain posted and Antii replied;
Lets talk about Op Ivy some more,
Any one know if the band is coming to the East Coast?
No one knows and I’m the only one
Still on the board, so I switch over to MSN.
Talk to my mates on Messenger.

Hirni’s back in town,
And it's cool if I come over.
Get the jacket and head out the door.
Walking down the block; thinking about my poems.
Are they really any good? I’ll show Scott.
So I get to Scott’s house, decide to tell him
About the poems I’ve got on the back burner.
We start down to the basement;
To play some video games, checking out the new videogame.
Sitting on the couch
Hours pass and Julie comes back,
And they’re going out to dinner.
So I head on home to check the forum

Sitting at my computer.
John has blogged,
Antii has posted.
Talking to John on MSN
As I reply to Antii’s post.
Life seems good.
Snatch a bite to eat,
Watch a movie with Dad
Sitting in the den.
Lying in my bed.

Trav the Spazz

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