Friday, March 31, 2006

MeMeMeMe!!! lol

okay so maybe i should introduce my self.

well ...

okay guys my name is katlynn i am still in high shcool unfortunatly... im a jr. ill be a seinor in like 8 weeks! woot!, im extreamly involved with my local FFA chapter. im droping out of band but still plan on playing my tenor sax. i like old cars and absolutly love trucks. my dream truck is a 98' - 2000 chevy silverado perferble blue or black. or a 1969 - 1971 SS chevell cherry apple red. id go into details but dont feal like it

i got two new puppies 2 weeks ago " pic at top" there names are roxy and meg. there 1.2 red healer and 1/2 lab there so adorable.

i pretty much like most music. and movies... i dont have ne "favorits" but i do have some i like more then others.

im a fairly simple girl , im a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl lol.
but thats enough about my boring life. ill stop and leave u all for now.

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