Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Narrative Poem: Tim And Jimmy

Timmy And Jimmy

Timmy rolled out from bed, five minutes to late
To the sound of smashing hands. Hanging around in the kitchen,
Jimmy’s trooped over the street and let himself in, they’re going to the show
Dashing to and fro his curfew is beat and the night is still young.
Now it has happened, that feeling of camaraderie, brotherly love.
The Excuse has happened, curfew has broken.
Needed by his mother to ground him.
They’ll be split into a faction.
They did it on a whim.
Skipped out with his friend Jimmy.
Went down to 14th & V, for the latest show.
In the pit almost ripped from limb to limb
For being called a skinhead, and he’s not poor…oh no
Needing help he turned to Jim.
The two friends started a fight that went to and fro.
They did it on a whim.
The thrashing continues, until the next song, when they decide to end the row.
Better then friends, closer the then brothers
They’ve lived their lives shoulder to shoulder.
Shunned by others.
As they grew older.
Living on streets and in a friend’s home
For their families are busts.
Having to cope with making it on your own.
Spending nights with a bottle, the mornings in disgust.
They do it on a whim.
Fighting all day
Moshing all night.
Its all they do.
They can’t tell if it’s right. All they’ve known.
Meet some girls who looked a site.
Found them interesting beyond the usual way
Thinking they have found the two perfect ones.
So the family expands, still close knit.
Now their older and happy with family but still no luck with pay.
Working the 9 to 5 still not paying
No jobs are in sight for this family of fun.
Years have passed the shows have been seen, plenty of joy
What can they say but that their luck has been run.
For now they realize the joy they’ve found
Is slowly dying around.

Trav the Spazz

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