Friday, April 07, 2006

Off for a week, so here is a parting Gift...


So I’m going on a cruise. Over spring break. This will be the first time I have seen my mom’s parents since the divorce. Now that I have embraced my uniqueness, and said the hell with it all, and wear my camo jacket and listen to all kinds of music-Tupac, Desmond Dekker, TRM, Sham 69, Social D, Elvis Costello, The Beatles and more. So, in other words saying I have changed since the last time they saw me is an understatement. But this is supposed not be about personal stuff, so time to change tacks.

People should be proud of who they are. Punk, Mod, Gangsta rappa-why should you care what other people think as long as you are comfortable with your own self. People who try to control by making you think that their opinion is all that matters; well that is not cool. Maybe you listen to one person more then others, and it is their advice you routinely seek. That is great, they didn’t force you, and you can still be your own person. That should be the norm, but sadly it’s not. Too many people try to have their say and as some can attest the afterwards and consequences aren’t pretty.

People need to be more accepting of a person and not base their opinions on assumptions or stereotypes. Sure I might have short hair and a camo jacket, and you might say skinhead, but I’m not-and a skinhead is not necessary a bad person. You find a person at shows and everyone is having a good time. I don’t care if he is wearing white braces or if his chum as red laces-and that means something 100% of the time? That is only the case if both you and they make it. Here is an example: I can put red laces on my chucks but does that make me a neo-nazi? Hell no, if a person suggests it well, I might tell them no, I must definitely not but would I assume them a racist or bigot? Nope.

Now if a person made racist comments or derogatory remarks-that is a whole other ball game. That should not be tolerated by anyone. Ask them to shut up or shove off (preferably both). Please note that most conflicts can be solves peacefully, but if they mess with you then make sure that they can’t hurt you again.

Ok that’s all for now folks

Trav the Spazz

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