Sunday, April 16, 2006

ok cruise time......

Ok I had a spectacular time, and I am less uptight-eating a bowl of icecream topped with mustard will do that to you; I also left out the fact that later on I ate some sort of pizza with onions, and chocolate pudding, olives and mashed up donought bits, plus sour cream....but I can now safely say I am way less uptight about things. So hopefully this shall continue and I can actually grow up some and end up less fearful wouldn't that be nice. I also have pictures, and hopefully I can get more

Becuase my sister was being a twit I could not use her camera and so am having to rely on the good will of people I met on the cruise. Overall it was a good week, I had lots fun, and my grandparents seemed normal, they weren't jumping down my throat or anything and seemed not to mind my jacket- ah well what can one do.

So things that I learned on this trip;
1. It's fine to just introduce yourself to people
2. Just go with the the flow
3. Try not to piss everyone in your age group off at once
4. The goal of scaring someone a day is really fun and should be looked at more to try to gain something from it.
5. Do not play the same 2 Clash songs over and over
6. Rap is really bad
7. Card games are fun, but dares are cooler

ok now on to the pictures: the drawing on the left is one I did of John (Kilt Wearing Punk) and it comes from a 2 tone photo he sent me before I left. That one at the top is one a group picture and I am in the back with a glass of lemonade the second is my mom and I taken from the dock and the third is me with 2 people who played cards during a day at sea. Hope this is satisfactory and as more pictures come in I shall of course post them

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