Saturday, April 29, 2006

okay its been to long.

Hi to the new guy on this site!

Okay so I havn't been doing my part on this site and posting, and I am sorry guys.

So here it gose my list for this week.

1. I think 4/20 is a halarious holiday.
2. I'm very excited about prom tonight it's going to be a blast!
3. I think prom its to expensive but heck i probly wont get to go next year.
4. My sisters wedding is in a year as of tomarrow. And could possibly land on prom next year...
5. I'm saving my money to buy my own vehicle.
6. Pj pants are the best thing next to sliced bread.
7. The discovery channle is adictive.
8. 4 More weeks left of school. I don't think I can make it.
9. Johns poem was very good about the abused gril, but kinda creepy that he could think of something that descriptive. It gave me the chills.
10. I know think im rambling but i don't care.
11. I've narrowed my collage choices down, but still have one more year of high school left.
12. People who think you cant do well in life with out a highschool diploma are just not optomistic enough.
13. The last thought of the week is...

I think some people just need to grow up and relize I'm growing up too.

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