Friday, March 31, 2006

I Love You

okay... really dont know what to write about here... but. i guess i should post somthing...

show me baby what love is like
show me how its suposded to be
baby show me what were suposed to do

this night is so wonderfull
the lights down low
the candle light buring bright
i can see the brightness in those deep eyes

baby ...
im falling
im falling farther
farther away from life
but baby its closer to us

i cant sleep and i cant eat
but baby your always on my mind
but this time and this place
its perfect for this time

just one chance
just one glance
just 3 words
whispered in my ears tonight
tonight ill be all yours
and you'll be all mine

baby just here with you on this special night
we can fianly make things right
as we lay there i feal your hands touch my hair
and i just melt right into your palms.

you know baby
i need you
i love you , all along
and ive miss you
you've been away for far to long

tonight i dont want to let go
i dont want u to go
i just want to lie here
under these stars
knowing that this is right.

but you know
i love you
i wanted you to know

i've loved you all threw these years
and baby its been to long
im sorry its taken me so long
so long to relize
that your perfect
theres no one like you

and to night
these candles are buring bright
and all i can see is that finaly
im with him and hes with me
theres no one like you.
i just wanted you to know.
I Love You.

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