Tuesday, April 25, 2006

One Day

Playing pool all day
Playing guitar in a bad way
Then the evening has begun
And will end with fun.

Down to the local store
Getting a drink or four,
Now we’re set, to let us chill.
Move the sofa to mosh till we’ve had our fill.

Moshed to Anti Flag so hard
We used the sink as a fountain.
Calling circle pit at the end of the song,
With only two people is pointless
Yet it can still be fun when you elbow his eye
And get hit right back.

Fine all you have to do is have a good time
Relish spending that time with your mates.
Doing stupid human tricks that only you find funny
Funny thing is, even you don’t know why!

Makes it all that much more fun.
When all you can play on that guitar
Is two more power chords then you could yesterday.

Found a new pastime deals with ska
Skanking is fun. Even more when
You don’t know what your doing
Skaning to ska natural rhythms from the beat.
Now we are on to wave three.
Yet trad is still the best, followed by third wave
Ska/Punk, punk/ ska its all damn good.
Dekker, Operation Ivy still kick ass after all these years

Introduced John to Mike, go watch a movie.
Then come back at 4 am talk about hilarity and being goofy
Conversations about chili mac.
Being so stupid I’m calling bed time!
Reverting to telling random stories
Before we fall asleep.

Trav the Spazz

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