Sunday, April 16, 2006

Punk Kid

Ok, so thanks to Walt Whitman and his song of myself, I had to write a poem about myself, but with a small twist-I tried to make it sort of cynical, perhaps a sense of hopelessness, or some of those sort of qualities. I'll let you be the judge of how it came out, but I hope it at least has some merit. It had to be 50 lines at a minumum, and I might have gone over, but I didn't want to make it seem forced or contrived.

Hope you like it-
Trav the Spazz

Punk Kid

It’s a phase
A punk is what I am
They just think I’m a cutup.
Punk wearing slacker clothes
It’s a mark of pride
Why the fashion rush
To just be like everyone else?
Everyone looks the same
By trying to be different.-
Laced Up shoe, donned the jacket I’m ready
For a day with friends
Maybe we will watch a movie,
Or stomp around the bookstore.
People turn and stare, we stare back.
Don’t fit into their perceptions
I don’t think they like us.
Not hooligans, just kids
Getting to the end of our ropes, fed up with clich├ęs
Yet if we too use them
Does that make us them?

Just let everyone be them selves
Stop the fighting between us.
Emo rap metal, who cares when it’s all music
Why does everyone have a bone to pick?
Peace in our time Chamberlain’s words,
Still ring hollow for fighting still exists.

I feel it will never end
When people refuse to agree.
But when people fight never realizing
What you are fighting for, it already exists.
Yet still the stereotypes are perpetuated
And when I look around, all I see is hate.

Skins and Mohicans
Anyone who looks different, has a dubious honor-
To be shunned by their peers.
Yet others wonder why subcultures keep to them selves.
Because it is there that we are accepted.
It is there that we can find happiness and a good time.
Unity, this civilization good will towards all is bullshit,
Trying to call out how I see it
I can’t be wrong what with all these invasions
Since you don’t invade a country that you like.
Or am I just behind the times?

Societies as a whole,
Need to be more accepting
Or else how shall we survive?
I believe this, and its now being tested,
It’s not going to be global warming
That does Homo sapiens in,
It will be our own fears
Of the unknown, the unexplained
Combined with other factors.
So I shall stick with my friends
Continuing to be myself.
Living how I want to.
Punk rock kid in my suburban slice of the world.

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