Saturday, April 08, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Road A or Road B?...

There comes a time in a person’s life when he has to think about his future and his life. Lately I have been thinking about mine. Back in the summer of 2005 I made the decision to attend Saginaw Valley State University. The only reason I decided to leave my native state of Oklahoma was to pursue the money.

My parents (bless their souls) had set me up a Michigan Education Trust Fund. With the fund, I would be able to go to any college in Michigan and not have to worry about the tuition. University of Michigan, Michigan Tech, Central Michigan. Anywhere, as long as the grades carried me there. Basically I came to Michigan because of the money. I left my friends and adopted family back in Oklahoma to follow the scent trail of money.

While I have realized that I made a mistake, I am also struggling with the decision to of whether to stay in California with my parents and getting a place there later, or moving back to Oklahoma when my finances allow me to do so. While it would mean having to move at the end of August or September (I’m leaving most of my stuff here in Michigan with my aunt), I feel that I would be able to better prosper and develop around my friends.

But I also feel that I want to move out because of the current riff my father about my punk lifestyle. Ultimately, I will make a final decision come around the end of this summer when my parents will be dragging me across the country back to Michigan for a family reunion, which I feel pointless. The only people I ever see are the people I see every time I go to Michigan. I’m hoping that, maybe, my Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom will be able to make it this time around, but that is never likely.

So really I sit here and ponder my future. Stay in California and get a Bachelors degree in something, or go to Oklahoma and get an Associates degree from attending just a few classes a year. Road A or Road B. Let my parents provide consoling and guidance in my life or take the final reins to my life and forge my own trail. What am I to do?


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