Monday, May 15, 2006

Seumas Harvey Preview

yeah so here is the first part of my story, more willl be incoming as it comes together

The Prisoner sat down to dinner, wearily looking up at the window set high into his cell wall. The moon was full, from the little sliver of view he was afforded. The meal looked like another night of stew, and some ale to wash the weak old meal down with. It had only taken him half way into his second month during his stay in the Empire’s flagship in extended stay accommodations to realize that the food the prisoners were served was better then gruel, but only by several days. The moonlight played upon the stonewalls, capturing the most unique pictures on the wall before they changed.

The prisoner was in the process of cleaning up from using the chamber pot when he noticed the sound of approaching footsteps. A guard appeared at the cell door and ordered him to move over by the window; so the prisoner, mindful of the tendency for guards to beat you if you didn’t move fast enough, was quick to comply. Behind the guard a procession of several guards and a finely dressed old man appeared, entered his cell and went to his alcove where he had his bedroll. The first guard pushed some stones in such a way that it caused the alcove to change and a passageway appear. At the same time the old man spoke to the prisoner.

“You, what is your name? Your face, I have seen it in my dreams.” The old man said.

“My name is Seumas Harvey. What in the name of Ossian is going on here? Do I not have rights, even here in my cell?”

“I am High Marshall Garret, and my son’s have been assassinated and my Chosen Guard here are escorting me out via a supposedly secure route, but your presence would seem incongruous, but you are here, so it looks like it’s your lucky day Seumas. What did you do to land yourself in prison, a nice man in the prime of his life?” High Marshall Garrett spoke with just a hint of irony, as if he knew something of importance but didn’t want Harvey to know.

Johnny Rumble:
Dreams and Death...

Nazi’s and Boneheads
Punks and skinheads
Battle it out
Supremacy of the streets
Children caught in the middle
The middle of many heavy beats
Fights in alleys, dicing it out
Every one knows there’s no way out
Guns blasting, soul assassins
Brothers go down battlin’

Never wanted it to be this way
Mom’s dead, lying in the alleyway
Brothers all shot, mangled and torn up
This situation is about to get rough
I got a gun to my head, Bones all around me
They all smiling with the glee
Realizing the fact,
They just caught the General In the act
Trouble is here, here to stay
The battle rages on, death is not play
So many lives, so many futures
Now are lost to the Grim Reaper
Seem to have lost all nine of my lives
Killing the Nazis, tearing up dives
All I ever wanted to be free from the chains
Free from this place, escape into the plains
I’m trapped and blindfolded
Pistol whipped and scolded

Dreaming only of the happiness
Instead surrounded by the dreariness
One boys vision is another mans dream
Mayor said this place will be clean
No more violence, only happy thoughts
No more punks, no more distraught
Little kid died today, gunned down in the store
His visions are now no more
Is it a crime to carefree?
Only to be caught in the middle of a blitzkrieg
Punks and Bones still battle on
Where did the world go so wrong?
What are we doing and how do we stop?
Does peace only come from the barrel of a Glock?
Children are dieing, mothers are crying
Punks are trying, Peace is at hand

No more war, no more death
True peace my brothers
Is only a dream and a vision away.
Don’t you ever let go,
Never let dangle at the end of a rope
While they burn and torture your soul
No you’re not their puppet
No No No Don’t you ever let your dreams go.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Just Plain Shit...

Staring at a reflection
Eyes that cannot be mine
Memories that cannot be true
Former lives, long past
Staring into the eyes of a lair
Into the soul of myself
Life becomes real
Memories are just a dream

Symbols and artwork
Blood and toil
Paint and Oil
Translations of my life
Loves gone past
Reality on pause
Time spent in the clouds

Anger and emotion
Lost in translation
Soaring and soaring
Up and down
Mechanical wings
Natural feelings

Emotions flooding back
Sadness and joy
Lost and found
Here, there, gone
Never to be found

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't Run.

Running around
Looking for that sound.
What can you do?
When they’re after you.
You try to run, running from the other side.
Roaming in packs, you try to hide.
Why can’t you except it’s changed.The times they are a changin’

Unless you ape too many people, you won’t get beat down.
Can you understand it’s different now around?
But human instinct, it still remains
That layer amongst us, for we are still animals

So we still shall roam
Running around
Looking for that sound.
When you find it, what do you do?
Run or fight, fight and run.
When they’re after you.
Roaming in packs,
We understand its different,
But we have a long way to go
Until we get there.

Trav the Spaz

Friday, May 05, 2006

Prom 2006

My prom was last weekend so I thoguht I'd write a poem about it, and heres a photo from it.

A White Carpet Affair
By: Katlynn

Sparkles, Dreams, Whishes, Glitter, Glam
Beauty, Love, Purple Daisies
Smiles, Sparkling Eyes
Perfect Hair
Perfect Make-up
Perfect Dress
More then Perfect Date
Happiness, nervousness

Do I look okay?
Is my hair okay?
Oh the butterflies.
Flying so high.
They could lift me up to the sky.
Who ever thought I'd be in love with this guy.

He’s so handsome
Gelled hair.
Sharp, crisp, handsome tux.
Nervous smile, shaky hands
Glittery eyes

WOW... You look amazing.

Snap, Crackle, Pop.
Click, Click, Click
Pictures go by so quick.

Now were off
Won't be home till late I say.
Excitement finally takes place.

Dinner runs by so quickly.
So much fun, so many laughs
More pictures before were done here.

Down the Stairs
There’s a white carpet affair

Soon we realize.
This is not a dream.
But dreams can come true.

Baby dreams can come true.
Because you’re my dream come true.

Slow soft and sweet
We danced so sweetly.
We held each other closely
Are arms are intertwined
We didn’t want that last dance to end

I know that won’t be our last dance
Because I realized he was my one and only
Are eyes were still locked on one another
I Love You...
I Love You Too...
I never wanted that last dance to end
But it did...
In my heart, mind, and sole
It will always be going on, and on...

We left the dance
To my house
To his house
Finally the time has come
After Prom...

Excitement thrills, adrenaline rushes
My heart leapt out of my chest
Who knew love could feel like this.

Food fun fast thrills
Loopty loops, spins, and drops
We rode till we dropped

Sleep... oh sleep
Must stay awake
I feel so safe
You’re lying next to me
I’m lying next to you
You’re holding me so tightly
I can barely breathe
But I never want you to stop holding me.
I never want you to leave

You kissed my forehead
I kissed you
We hugged and smiled
And chatted a while

That’s when I realized
I’m gona love you for a long long while

My head is on your chest
I can hear your heart beat
It’s so steady and sweet
It put me to sleep

I thought I herd it stop
You said it just dropped
Because I looked so sweet

Please my love don’t leave me
Baby I won’t
I love you to much to leave

Walking up my stairs to my porch
I feel so week, tired, and exhausted
You look so tired
You opened my door
Kissed me good night

Thanks for the good time
You looked amazing to night
So did you.
I Love You...
I Love You Too...

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mr. Iain Wright:
And Now I Begin (his only post)

Good evening.I'm a friend of John,Travis and Katlynn's and I am intrigued by this blog.And cos this place is a high-brow establishment,I'd like to talk about something that struck me quite profoundly earlier today.You see,I voted for the first time today.I've never voted before,and even though it was for local elections it is still kind of a big deal.Now as you probably know the current government is led by Tony Blair (Arguably) and his government is facing a series of barrages in the press recently.Now because I know far less than I should I chickened out and voted Labour.Once I had done it I felt like I had made a terrible mistake,because they're so sleazy in the eye of the public,and in my eye also.But once I'd thought about it a bit more,I came to the conclusion that all the parties in Britain are just the same.The Conservatives were just the same in the early 1990s,what with all the Neil Hamilton sex scandals and things.I hear the Deputy Prime Minister has a two inch penis,if one of the paragons of British newspapers "The Daily Sport" is to be believed.I hate Britain sometimes. I just want a simple life,but some idiot always has to muddy things up.Now these idiots come in many forms.Bill Hicks had the right idea.We should just get rid of them all.
There has been a lot of complaints about voter apathy,and I don't blame anyone for not caring.I really don't.I almost didn't today.It's ironic that a friend of mine studying Sociology (revising for a question on the Suffragette movement in Britain) was talking about how some women died for the vote and a load of girls I live with haven't bothered to vote ever.
Sadly I have to finish here,because I have a pressing engagement and I need to rest my ankle for a while.But expect more.MUCH more.

Ode to a Shrew

This shrew, scurrying around
Letting out noises by the pound.
This shrew, scurrying around
Always waiting, to decry
Oh and you have failed again.
lie anew.