Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mr. Iain Wright:
And Now I Begin (his only post)

Good evening.I'm a friend of John,Travis and Katlynn's and I am intrigued by this blog.And cos this place is a high-brow establishment,I'd like to talk about something that struck me quite profoundly earlier today.You see,I voted for the first time today.I've never voted before,and even though it was for local elections it is still kind of a big deal.Now as you probably know the current government is led by Tony Blair (Arguably) and his government is facing a series of barrages in the press recently.Now because I know far less than I should I chickened out and voted Labour.Once I had done it I felt like I had made a terrible mistake,because they're so sleazy in the eye of the public,and in my eye also.But once I'd thought about it a bit more,I came to the conclusion that all the parties in Britain are just the same.The Conservatives were just the same in the early 1990s,what with all the Neil Hamilton sex scandals and things.I hear the Deputy Prime Minister has a two inch penis,if one of the paragons of British newspapers "The Daily Sport" is to be believed.I hate Britain sometimes. I just want a simple life,but some idiot always has to muddy things up.Now these idiots come in many forms.Bill Hicks had the right idea.We should just get rid of them all.
There has been a lot of complaints about voter apathy,and I don't blame anyone for not caring.I really don't.I almost didn't today.It's ironic that a friend of mine studying Sociology (revising for a question on the Suffragette movement in Britain) was talking about how some women died for the vote and a load of girls I live with haven't bothered to vote ever.
Sadly I have to finish here,because I have a pressing engagement and I need to rest my ankle for a while.But expect more.MUCH more.

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