Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't Run.

Running around
Looking for that sound.
What can you do?
When they’re after you.
You try to run, running from the other side.
Roaming in packs, you try to hide.
Why can’t you except it’s changed.The times they are a changin’

Unless you ape too many people, you won’t get beat down.
Can you understand it’s different now around?
But human instinct, it still remains
That layer amongst us, for we are still animals

So we still shall roam
Running around
Looking for that sound.
When you find it, what do you do?
Run or fight, fight and run.
When they’re after you.
Roaming in packs,
We understand its different,
But we have a long way to go
Until we get there.

Trav the Spaz

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