Monday, May 15, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Dreams and Death...

Nazi’s and Boneheads
Punks and skinheads
Battle it out
Supremacy of the streets
Children caught in the middle
The middle of many heavy beats
Fights in alleys, dicing it out
Every one knows there’s no way out
Guns blasting, soul assassins
Brothers go down battlin’

Never wanted it to be this way
Mom’s dead, lying in the alleyway
Brothers all shot, mangled and torn up
This situation is about to get rough
I got a gun to my head, Bones all around me
They all smiling with the glee
Realizing the fact,
They just caught the General In the act
Trouble is here, here to stay
The battle rages on, death is not play
So many lives, so many futures
Now are lost to the Grim Reaper
Seem to have lost all nine of my lives
Killing the Nazis, tearing up dives
All I ever wanted to be free from the chains
Free from this place, escape into the plains
I’m trapped and blindfolded
Pistol whipped and scolded

Dreaming only of the happiness
Instead surrounded by the dreariness
One boys vision is another mans dream
Mayor said this place will be clean
No more violence, only happy thoughts
No more punks, no more distraught
Little kid died today, gunned down in the store
His visions are now no more
Is it a crime to carefree?
Only to be caught in the middle of a blitzkrieg
Punks and Bones still battle on
Where did the world go so wrong?
What are we doing and how do we stop?
Does peace only come from the barrel of a Glock?
Children are dieing, mothers are crying
Punks are trying, Peace is at hand

No more war, no more death
True peace my brothers
Is only a dream and a vision away.
Don’t you ever let go,
Never let dangle at the end of a rope
While they burn and torture your soul
No you’re not their puppet
No No No Don’t you ever let your dreams go.

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