Friday, May 05, 2006

Prom 2006

My prom was last weekend so I thoguht I'd write a poem about it, and heres a photo from it.

A White Carpet Affair
By: Katlynn

Sparkles, Dreams, Whishes, Glitter, Glam
Beauty, Love, Purple Daisies
Smiles, Sparkling Eyes
Perfect Hair
Perfect Make-up
Perfect Dress
More then Perfect Date
Happiness, nervousness

Do I look okay?
Is my hair okay?
Oh the butterflies.
Flying so high.
They could lift me up to the sky.
Who ever thought I'd be in love with this guy.

He’s so handsome
Gelled hair.
Sharp, crisp, handsome tux.
Nervous smile, shaky hands
Glittery eyes

WOW... You look amazing.

Snap, Crackle, Pop.
Click, Click, Click
Pictures go by so quick.

Now were off
Won't be home till late I say.
Excitement finally takes place.

Dinner runs by so quickly.
So much fun, so many laughs
More pictures before were done here.

Down the Stairs
There’s a white carpet affair

Soon we realize.
This is not a dream.
But dreams can come true.

Baby dreams can come true.
Because you’re my dream come true.

Slow soft and sweet
We danced so sweetly.
We held each other closely
Are arms are intertwined
We didn’t want that last dance to end

I know that won’t be our last dance
Because I realized he was my one and only
Are eyes were still locked on one another
I Love You...
I Love You Too...
I never wanted that last dance to end
But it did...
In my heart, mind, and sole
It will always be going on, and on...

We left the dance
To my house
To his house
Finally the time has come
After Prom...

Excitement thrills, adrenaline rushes
My heart leapt out of my chest
Who knew love could feel like this.

Food fun fast thrills
Loopty loops, spins, and drops
We rode till we dropped

Sleep... oh sleep
Must stay awake
I feel so safe
You’re lying next to me
I’m lying next to you
You’re holding me so tightly
I can barely breathe
But I never want you to stop holding me.
I never want you to leave

You kissed my forehead
I kissed you
We hugged and smiled
And chatted a while

That’s when I realized
I’m gona love you for a long long while

My head is on your chest
I can hear your heart beat
It’s so steady and sweet
It put me to sleep

I thought I herd it stop
You said it just dropped
Because I looked so sweet

Please my love don’t leave me
Baby I won’t
I love you to much to leave

Walking up my stairs to my porch
I feel so week, tired, and exhausted
You look so tired
You opened my door
Kissed me good night

Thanks for the good time
You looked amazing to night
So did you.
I Love You...
I Love You Too...

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  1. Aletta aka Princess NinaSaturday, May 13, 2006

    Ah, that is so sweet and you both look amazing!