Monday, May 15, 2006

Seumas Harvey Preview

yeah so here is the first part of my story, more willl be incoming as it comes together

The Prisoner sat down to dinner, wearily looking up at the window set high into his cell wall. The moon was full, from the little sliver of view he was afforded. The meal looked like another night of stew, and some ale to wash the weak old meal down with. It had only taken him half way into his second month during his stay in the Empire’s flagship in extended stay accommodations to realize that the food the prisoners were served was better then gruel, but only by several days. The moonlight played upon the stonewalls, capturing the most unique pictures on the wall before they changed.

The prisoner was in the process of cleaning up from using the chamber pot when he noticed the sound of approaching footsteps. A guard appeared at the cell door and ordered him to move over by the window; so the prisoner, mindful of the tendency for guards to beat you if you didn’t move fast enough, was quick to comply. Behind the guard a procession of several guards and a finely dressed old man appeared, entered his cell and went to his alcove where he had his bedroll. The first guard pushed some stones in such a way that it caused the alcove to change and a passageway appear. At the same time the old man spoke to the prisoner.

“You, what is your name? Your face, I have seen it in my dreams.” The old man said.

“My name is Seumas Harvey. What in the name of Ossian is going on here? Do I not have rights, even here in my cell?”

“I am High Marshall Garret, and my son’s have been assassinated and my Chosen Guard here are escorting me out via a supposedly secure route, but your presence would seem incongruous, but you are here, so it looks like it’s your lucky day Seumas. What did you do to land yourself in prison, a nice man in the prime of his life?” High Marshall Garrett spoke with just a hint of irony, as if he knew something of importance but didn’t want Harvey to know.

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