Wednesday, June 07, 2006

another song, untitled at the moment

Here is another song...probably a fair bit of Rancid or Time Again flavor(maybe I don't know what it reads like) since that's been in my playlist lately. Hope you like it...

Intro and outro

You’re beaten’ running scared

Many a night you’ve spent…

Breaking bottles

Over smashed knuckles.


Can’t find the strength with in.

And all those good intentions you’ve watched grow

Now slip out your backdoor

While the rage busts in the front


Down! Down! Down & out.

Down! Down! Down & out.


All you’re life you’ve struggled facing demons

First in school getting pushed around

Now you’re punching a clock seems like no one cares.


Down! Down! Down & out.

Down! Down! Down & out.


And all you got is another role

Unloading your problems to another soul

Yet the tension coils like a spring

Fed up with this lie, you scream thinking

What can you do, but keep on running!


Trav the Spazz

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