Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Escape Is Imminent

Sitting in my padded cell
Padded walls
Deadbolt door
Strapped together,
Mental and sane
Mixed up emotions,
Tearing up my mind
Pain of the drugs,
Stings of the needles
Protect my self,
Injury could happen
Never alone,
Haunted by demons
Sitting alone,
Wallowing in pity
Drowning in self depression

Comes a time when escape is imminent
With draw once again
Into my cocoon of pain
Safe haven every things the same
White padded walls
Bouncing around
Trying to escape
Escape is imminent

Break through pills
Rebounding issues
Death never comes quickly
Stars live and die
Faster than I gain and lose
My minds in overdrive
Overcome the problems
Tunnels and lights at the end
Creep my mind
Freaking out
Losing my mind


Endless dispositions
Lost friends
Gained skeletons
Closets getting too full
I gotta break out
Spread the message
Bring about the change
No more pills
No more drugs
No more walls
My escape too near
Not backing into the hole


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