Monday, July 31, 2006

Dying Dreams

Here's another poem, but this one is rather melancholy though.

The sun dies over this concrete vista of rectangluar shapes, portruding from the sky and with it my dying hope. Tis that of a boy yet able to find solace whence it comes along.
These hours past have seen the last rays of light whither away, leaving me with nothing tangible. For with the dying light comes what I've been wishing for.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Love Sucks...DOA Rules!!!

So after spending many nights sitting on top of a hill over looking the base here, I've come to realization that I don't need to have carnal relations to solidify a relationship. Only understanding and honesty. I just need to find a woman that is willing to take the time to understand my complexities, corners, and "anger managment" issues. I need to find a person that will understand the intricacies of my mind. I feel that I need more of a mental and emotional connection with a person than a physical connection. Call me un-american (like that phases me anyway) for not wanting to have sex with every woman I see, but my through my own meditation I've realized that sex only gets in the way, and may ultimatly lead to the downfall of a relationship.

Now that's not saying that all physical contact is bad, just the pointless contact. After a deep emotional and mental connection has been made, intercource can serve to deepen and strength that bond between partners. But to have that physical contact before the connection is made may only lead to the relationship to become a physical one and not one that has true bearing and meaning.

So physical passes at women until I have connected with them at thier deepest levels. Will I be successful in my endevour, or be doomed to insanity? Only time will tell...


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
What ever happened to those days?...

Does anybody remember High School? The Social cliques and the way people segregated themselves into thier own little groups, volinatarily or not? Or for an even worse example, Middle School, where the cool people had run of the school, and the uncool people were cast off into oblivion?

Now think back to Elementary school. Everybody got along with pretty much everybody. I won't say it was perfect, there were still some inter-class issues, but there were no cliques, or segregated groups. People were accepted for the way they were. White, black, blond hair, green eyes, catholic, jewish, or muslim. It never mattered. Kids looked at people on the inside and judged them on thier character, not thier looks or thier possessions. It was fair and balanced, and kids were never left out of a game of kickball, or in my case football (soccer).

What ever happened to those days? The days when everybody got along and issues were solved not with hurtful words and rejection, but with "civilized" (yes, doodyhead was civilized in on the playground) arguments. Kids were friends before, during and after the argument. There was no hatered, no real anomisity, and definatly no rascim. Whatever happened to those days?

Kids grow up, go to school and start to see the differences in people. They see that one kids has less money than the others, and will never be able to throw a big party, or wear the newest clothes. It all becomes about status, about how "cool" and "hip" you can be. In High School, our cars (or lack thereof) becomes the symbol of might. That kid over there has a brand new Mercedes, while you have a 1998 Toyota Corrolla that falling apart.

Screw that. I don't care if you have the newest fashions from Milan, or the newest "it" car, or a wallet full of cash. Strip all that away and what have you got? A human being that should be judged on his character, and judged on his valor. Were all human beings underneath our possessions. We should act and treat each other as such.

Instead we have war around the globe, rasict groups, terrorists, and people looking to kill other just because the belive, act, or look different than your idea of what a human should be.

People grow up and people change, this is true, but if we all grow up to become hate mongers, then I never want to grow up. I want to stay on the Elemantary school playground. I want to stay young.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm back....

Okay so I've decided to post something... something that has been on my mind...
okay... so here it goes.. sorry if I start ramling... I'm gonna try and keep it short and simple...

There is no such thing as the news any more. Its either the weather... or coverage on the war... okay... well umm... I'm sick of seeing people blown up on my tv screen...ya I love action movies and stuff getting blown up... but I'm not keep to seeing innocent people getting blown up on tv.. yes the media has blessed up with not showing people getting blown up... but you know when you see these buildings getting blown up that there are people in there... okay im sick of hearing all this crap about the middle east... and the stuff going on in Korea... yes it is nice to be updated maybe once a day one it... but not 24/7. I dont wanna hear about it all the god damn time!....

Sorry I had to vent some where my family just dosn't understand why I always change the tv when they watch the news....

Monday, July 10, 2006

I have a Job

Yep folks, it's true. I have a job as host at a really cool restuarant. So now I can talk about how work is and everything...More forthcoming after my training shifts end.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Nice going Italy. You guys played a good a game, and came out on top. So to the winner go the spoils. We'll see you in Four years.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Stupid is as Stupid does... this...

No No NO!

If this simplification idea pans out and becomes the common way of spelling, learning will only become that much harder for all us.

Not only will we, the older generations, have to, in essence, go back to school and re-learn everything we have been taught about the English language, the kids will have a tougher time of learning to spell.

Plus, the proposal does NOT take into account the broad dialects that are across the United States. People in the south-east say words much differently than the people in north-west. How will a standard sound-word association become available? In the Midwest people say the word book as buk. In the south? Bok. What about mobile (moble) and mobile (mobile)? Catsup and Ketchup? And how will the oil company Mobil One end up after the change over? Also, let's not forget the unique regional words.

People use the Sound-word association for short hand when it becomes too difficult to write the whole word. The word great, becomes gr8 in a mobile text message. Understandable. Small keypad, small buttons, and no-one in thier right mind is going to write an essay on a mobile.

And what about the words that sound the same? Ate and Eight? For and Four? How will the message be conveyed if people use the sounded out version? Tom had aet liters of catsup? No, I did not just say that Tom eats litters of Ketchup for dinner, but that Tom had a Eight Liters of Ketchup. See the problem?

No, this pitiful idea of English simplification will not work in todays society. People will become dumber, books will stop being published, and life will inevitably grind to a halt. Shortcuts in speech and quick notes I do not have an issue with, but when tomorrows childern will not know how to spell properly or correctly, the stigma will flow through the rest of society like a plague, and we shall surely drown on our own lack vocabulary.