Thursday, July 06, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Stupid is as Stupid does... this...

No No NO!

If this simplification idea pans out and becomes the common way of spelling, learning will only become that much harder for all us.

Not only will we, the older generations, have to, in essence, go back to school and re-learn everything we have been taught about the English language, the kids will have a tougher time of learning to spell.

Plus, the proposal does NOT take into account the broad dialects that are across the United States. People in the south-east say words much differently than the people in north-west. How will a standard sound-word association become available? In the Midwest people say the word book as buk. In the south? Bok. What about mobile (moble) and mobile (mobile)? Catsup and Ketchup? And how will the oil company Mobil One end up after the change over? Also, let's not forget the unique regional words.

People use the Sound-word association for short hand when it becomes too difficult to write the whole word. The word great, becomes gr8 in a mobile text message. Understandable. Small keypad, small buttons, and no-one in thier right mind is going to write an essay on a mobile.

And what about the words that sound the same? Ate and Eight? For and Four? How will the message be conveyed if people use the sounded out version? Tom had aet liters of catsup? No, I did not just say that Tom eats litters of Ketchup for dinner, but that Tom had a Eight Liters of Ketchup. See the problem?

No, this pitiful idea of English simplification will not work in todays society. People will become dumber, books will stop being published, and life will inevitably grind to a halt. Shortcuts in speech and quick notes I do not have an issue with, but when tomorrows childern will not know how to spell properly or correctly, the stigma will flow through the rest of society like a plague, and we shall surely drown on our own lack vocabulary.



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  1. omg that is so gay im sorry i agree with you john, and you know i cant spell worth shit... but come on people... if we start spellign like that things WILL get more complicated