Monday, August 07, 2006

i need help...

okay ... Before we get started a few things must be stated... Jenny has been my best friend for nearly thirteen years and we've been through everything together and been by each others sides... now this has happend... what the hell am I suposed to do? Just leave my best friend behind and move on or try and fix things that supposidly I've screwed up....

"names are changed for privacy perposes"
=so about 2 weeks ago.. I think.... Im hanging out with my b/f at his house watching team america... I get a call.. from my friend Sam who is dating my best friend Jenny. Sam says he would like to talk to me or my b/f . I told him we could talk later maybe all together if we had time after the movie or I would talk to him online later that night.... so the movie ended and me and the b/f were bord so we went to sonic and I asked well do you think we got time to go see whats up with Sam and the b/f said ya give him a call so I do and he said yeah why dont you come over and we all can sit out side and chat for a few hours about it.

The problem thats going on is Jenny is hanging out with her ex b/c bob a little to much. and hes alittle to old for her " none of us know his real age its any where from 19 - 27?" and even if you are 17 ... a 19 year old man has no busness dating a 17 year old girl im sorry shes still akid!!!!! yes it is only two year and its technicly not illgal but its just wrong... so they have been hanging out a lot the past few days and its really bothering Sam that Jenny has been haing out with bob way to much. and he wonders and worrys that she could be cheeating on him. so my b.f and sam chat about this for 3 hours. I really don't talk much just kinda sit and listen the b/f gives sam some pretty good hard core advice and the b/f takes me home. the next day I go to work come home when I get off work and call up jenny to talk to her about whats going on... I tell her how I feal about the whole situation I tell her I think its wrong and that she probly should spend a little less time with bob and really focus on the awsome relationship that she has with sam and that I'm looking out for her as a friend by telling her this and that I just care about her and that I know how her b/f sam is feeling... now is this so wrong to tell the best friend ? Is this betrayle??? so she gets all flustered and pissed off and hangs up the phone and I havnt talked to her on the phone since then but i have recived a text message saying that i have changed and that I'm not me any more and that she dosnt wanna talk to me... this hurts... because I don't see how I've changed... this is the only time that I've gotten upset with her or frusterated by what she has done... and I stick up and tell her whats going on...but I guess telling your friends how you feel about their actions and what their doing is wrong now.... should I just push her to the wind or talk to her and see whats up... which I have tried and it just doesn't seem like its working any more... please some one help me!!!!!! I dont wanna lose my best friend and its been tearing me up!

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