Monday, August 21, 2006

part 1 of a narrative

So it has been many days since the sun set, and my thoughts I've last laid bare. Again I've come to voice my thoughts anew.

For now I feel the need, every one wants to be remembered; most for good rather then ill. All I want is for something to exist after me, for my meager scribblings to mean something. So with that in mind, I come to tell my tale, tis not a long one for I've not been long here in existence. I was born in a naval hospital, in Okland whence my parents were, at that time living in a near by town. More then four months early my birht did arrive, and with my early entrance came a large host of problems: heart surgery, breathing difficulty, trouble eating, and more. I spent many a day in an incubator because I was so small, and after I grew large enough to survive with out it, and the doctors figuired my survival was now going to occur, my parents moved from California to Virginia, where I presently live.

more to come as i write it.

Trav the Spaz

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