Thursday, August 10, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Six Billion People Are Dead...

Six billion people are dead
Our problems of the past
Six billion people are dead
And your next to die

Whats going on?/So much hatred
The people are gone/Nuclear winter
Forever now Autumn/Global Conflict
Training kids to kill/The ash begins to settle
Rockets and bombs/Hell on Earth
Our time has come for us to die


Bodies stricken/Bodies forgotten
People blinded/childern shooting
Death surrounds us/Makes us crazy
The only solution/Our only way out
Peace with humanity/Bad news for peace
Our time of death has arrived


Six billion people must be dead
Nuclear holocaust and falling snow
We walk around alive and yet
We six billion have died today


6 Billion Dead/Our Problems Are Gone
6 Billion Dead/Were All Done For


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