Thursday, September 28, 2006


Oi Oi! Probably doing this a bit late, but better now then never, So here I begin. I like Punk music, I like to write, People say I'm good at writing, but I think I suck...I help another person on a band forum run our blog. It's sort of a mutual friendship now at this point. The blog mainly constists of rambling, or poetry. Well ok, sort of poetry; generally they're supposed to be song lyrics but since we both aren't good at singing or writing music, they're not set to it. So poetry it is.
Managing the blog mainly constists of cleaning up another members's spelling mistakes. We've no control over what anyone blogs content wise. Spelling has to be mostly grammetically correct, but any idea is out there. So hence, one person's stuff is sort of dark, while mine can be at times dark, but mostly a bit happy. The third, well she doesn't really post much so she's sort of by the wayside, but what she does post is always funny and intresting.
I've tried my hand writing short stories, but most of the time they're not that long because I can't get past writing a certain part. I have it planned out in my head, or even in an outline, but uncovering the fossil is hard work.
Always willing to share my work, but generally only solicit peoples opinions of the people I know, or whose opinions that I value and seek-This also doesn't just apply to the blog but to my life in general.
I dislike AIM messanger and prefer Windows live(formerly MSN messanger) and am online most of the time, only I don't leave away messages a lot, so if it says I'm on, then I'm probably there at my desk.
I really like the band Rancid's songs, and whom ever writes there stuff is my song writing idol, behind Joe Strummer(if you don't know who he was, well then, erm right we've probably nothing in common musically then)
I try to be loyal to my family and friends and love my family unconditionally especially my siste. I'll haul off and hit anyone who doesn't speak of her in any but the nicest of tones. So don't start in on her and you should be fine. I love my freinds too, but in a slightly different way- it takes me a bit longer to get mad over them, but I'd still haul of because of them, just not quite as fast as if anyone talked of my family.
See the thing is, I'm sort of skinny and not much use in a fight, but thats not the point, the point is I don't want them insulted. It helps that I've about five or so really good friends, if the number is even that high. I've been told I look a bit scary, but I don't try to be; sometime it just happens that way.
I really love my music and books. Music and CD's I could probably live with out. My "brain list" would keep me preoccupied for a while, but the books, I don't think i could survive with out reading something. Some of the books I like would be the Richard Sharpe Series(Best Historical Fiction in Earth)by Bernard Cornwell and for fantasy, other fiction titles include The Great Santini, the Discworld books by Terry Prattchett. Non fiction would probably be Das Boot; of course I'm probably missing some and will kickmyself as soon as I finish this, but then Murphy's law, what can we do.
Like Porkey the Pig always ended it with...Thats all for Now Folks!

Trav the Spaz

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