Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Hey, Dipshit!...

Well fuck me. I start this blog, run it as my own, then add two of my friends to it as team members and all of the sudden they DON'T POST! Fuck, I'm getting tired of doing all the work around here.

Another jingle for you people. I feel like being nice today...

Already Dead

Humans are doomed
We consume the earth
And pollute the oceans
Some say it’s a farce
Maybe were not so bad
Were all gonna die

The People say one more car
It ain’t gonna hurt
Just a few more factories
We got em to burn
Let’s turn the motherfuckers up
Cause were already dead

Vast forests there for taking
Massive by-products
There’s no baby making
Were deformed to hell
But this is how it gotta be
In the 21st century


The Rivers run red
And blue and green
Shades of orange too
From all the chemicals
It will clean it self up
But we know the truth


While I don't apoligize about the anger and select words I've been using the past couple days, I'll try and tone it down to make the "Anti-Hero Experience" a little more kid-friendly in the future. Although, to be honest, I'm starting to like more hardcore direction is place is taking.

Custodial Clowns Abound!

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  1. hardcore is cool, just not like full on piss EVERY one off...but what ever, do what you want, thats the point of this thing