Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I got a New laptop

I got a new laptop. Now before anyone says anything, I got way more then what I wanted, in a good way. I wasn't expecting anything this nice, and I really wonder what ive done to merit this. I'd like to think existing to 18 has some part of it, for those who know my history, but I'm shocked, that someone would do this for me. Talk about major kudos, this is possibly one of the best gifts ever. But I love both parents equaly and anyone tries to say the favorite game is bieng played, I'll deck them. I don't care about this or that parent, I love them both, and quite frankly don't need gifts to solidify that. Bed time

Trav the Spaz


  1. Yeah...Trav got a Dell XPS M2010. Core 2 CPU chip. Your a cock Trav. A real Cock.


  2. You know I specifically didn't say what type, well it doesn't matter now does it? Now will the bloody thing just ship already.