Friday, September 01, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
A new month...

It's September 1st, the begininning of a new month with new possibilites, new options, and a clean, fresh start. Hooray! The weather is nice (at least here), so it's time to get outside and run around. Annoy your neighbors, tick off passing motorists, bombard a shitbox Nissan with your empties. So many things to do! And a whole new month to them in! Take a tour, see the sites, go visit a nature park and commune with it. Heres a good one...Get arrested for disturbing the peace. Call that cop in the corner with an assualt rifle straped across his chest a, "Right Wing, Neo-Nazi, Totaltarian." Then spray paint SS his cars doors. Climb a fence into a rich, gated community and tear shit up. Then go into the slums and volenteer. Become a modern-day Robin Hood (which was really William Wallace of Braveheart fame). Hell...don a kilt and blue face paint and do your best Braveheart impersenations downtown. Go to an American Football (Detroit Lions for example) and trash talk both sides, the NFL, and thier fans. Then go to a MLS game and have a jolly good time. (Not so subliminal message, NFL Sucks! MLS/EPL Rules!) Chant a fight song at the top of your lungs at work.

All these things and more folks! Think about what you can do over the next 30 days.

But heres the most important thing for you to do:

Stay True To Yourself.



  1. That's the best adivce someone has said in a long time. Stay true to yourself. so true...


  2. yes, by all means, trash Detroit. I'm a (pathetic) native of Michigan and even WE trash the Lions and their fans. then again, we trash the Tigers and occasionally the Dead Wings (see?) as well, so...

    I'll stay true to myself once I figure out who myself is and what myself has done with myself. that's not too far away, luckily.