Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well I've got a realization

Ok, I've come to a realization. I always try to act funny and its not working, I need to stop, its pointless all it does is cause a shitload of problems, and I'm through with trying to act like every other wise ass on the street corner. Everytime that I try that and be sarcastic, well it always back fires. I open my mouth, I cause trouble. I've somehow managed to really act like all the annoying smart ass pricks I detest. Well I'm sorry its taken me a while to figure this out. So well I hope to hell this matters to someone. I...really can't believe I've been this stupid... So I'm going to really try to make an honest effort to not act like the biggest person with the smartest mouth, because all it brings is trouble.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Breath the Sweet Air of Freedom...

Freedom is only a butterfly
Or maybe a bird of pray
Forever fleeting and flying way
It matters not if we live or die
Freedoms from want
Freedoms from fear
Freedoms so close at hand
And held further from the heart
I wish to escape the circle of life
And soar on the wings
Of that bird of prey
Monotony and drudgery
Occupy the holes in the heart
Fills the void like only fear can
It's the beginning of week
Beginning of the end
It's only Monday
And already you are destined to die
With out those freedoms
And with out those feelings
Life becomes a never ending circle
A wedding band and a car tire
Round and round it goes
Where it stops, you should know
Escapism from Materialism
I live the simple life
And breath the sweet air of freedom.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another night

The night is almost done,
The work has yet begun.
School tasks beckon,
With an early rise tommorow
Will bring another week of misery.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
OKC Streets...

Nothing between us
With no smokes to be had
We wandered around downtown
And gave our silent prayers
To those ghosts occupying
Those oh so empty chairs
So many things I was taught
So many things I’ve yet to learn
Seven years at home
Two years too far away
And still no smokes to be had

Pool Hall junkies
Made up prostitutes
Two bottles of whiskey
And the stories that never get old
I lay claim to these streets
These City streets that I call home
OKC streets, I’m coming home.

Secrets that were dirty in the day
Dirtier than the streets of the city
Less energetic than Bricktown in the sun
And too expensive to let go
Rolled our pennies down the streets
Nickels and dimes and quarters too
Our habits became our life
Stained glass towers, Zio’s Italian
Billiards in the evening
Old Milwaukie swill kept the gut turning
And the dirty secrets between friends


Rain whipped and hungry
Disaster shredded Del town
Our factory was closed down
And 3001 stands ominous
Against the runway backdrop
My memories of the Huskies
Have faded since I went away
Rich kids in Mustangs
No longer want to play
Dirt Road rally racing
Speeding tickets everywhere we went
And a single lit cigarette fades away


Slinging papers and pizzas
Furniture and soda to meet
Our small apartment’s monthly rent
Barely scraping by only with our wit
Plunked down the dough in my pocket
For this forty that we’re splitting tonight
My future lies with you old friend
So save some space for me
On your hallowed streets of Edmond
I’ll be back for a small spell
I’m sure we’ll have our fun then



Monday, October 09, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Now who's delirious?...


Thursday, October 05, 2006

What Now?

So the other day I registered to vote. Since my 18th birthday is this sunday I will be able to vote in November(and after too). Now honestly I want to vote, I try looking at the politicians and issues, but it gets tiring to try to keep up when they sometimes change their opinion, or soemthing has been done and the stance they've defended has changed. Why vote for someone when the platform revolves so much?

Granted as the government here is elected by the people, for the people and peoples views change, should there not be some sort of constistancy to the process? I don't want to vote for somebody now who when they get elected will stand for the opposite? Yet also do I really want myself tied to a political party, with the way our country is being divided?

It seems that a persons political affliations are becoming more prevelent with all the debates this, anti that; I don't want to be beholden to a certain Ideology and have to answer to it when I don't agree on a certain issue...yet if I'm not beholden to a party then I can't vote in the states primary, only the general election.

See now because I haven't voted yet, I'm not sure how this will proceed, but I think you still have to declare which party your voting for, but I'm not sure.
If you do infact have to declare for one party over another, it would exclude me from making a choice based on personal and political policy, to put forth my support for a canditate based not upon the party lines, but upon who I think best will do the job.

Just a thought.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

I learned in Stagecraft once a long long while ago about the use of colors in productions. Pink is used to bring out rosy cheeks and present a childish image. Green was used to present death or morbidness. Brings out shadows, sunken eyes, and the like.

Our world is going towards death and morbidness. Our own towns and districts are being consumed by the flesh eating, soul stealing minions that we as GOOD Americans VOTE into office. As a nation, we give the pedophiles, the morally corrupt, Foley's and Cunningham's some of the HIGHEST public offices available. Doesen't that seem a little wrong?

What's worse, when the dirty acts are found out about, the deeds go unpunished and forgotten. How long must we as a nation put up with this? How long?

An accquantice of mine was right, America's future is the selfish, uneducated, no-work-ethic, consumeristic childern we are raising today? These kids of today will STILL be voting in morons after we are long dead and gone. I predict that before 2050 Congress will have over run the political landscape, have near unlimited power, and be able to control peoples lies with out batting an eye. And that Congress will be run by the same godddamn type of people that run it today!

As a nation we need to rise up and shout, "No! No, we will not allow our nation to be ruled by the corrupt, by the wrong, and by the dishonorable. We will not allow our childern to suffer the same political wrong that we face today! We fight and we die for the way we live, for our freedoms, for our livelihoods, and for our futures!"

Our Nation, my friends, needs to show our government that it not okay to spy on our citizens, to have our soliders killed in unwinable wars, to pollute our air and level our majestic mountains. Stand up and shout NO! to the oppressers, to the polluters, to the corrupt, to the United States Congress. Let there be freedom. Let there be unity. Let there be education. Let the Black, the White, the Latino, the Asian, the Arab, and the Indian stand together and form a cohesive bond and become friends.

A new days is dawning my friends. These City Streets will be forever changed, and forever be dynamic. These City Street will not be quiet, they will not lie down. They will rise up and never again be the docile sheep that once ran free. These City Streets will be our playgrounds, our riotgrounds. This revolution will not be quelled, this revolution will not stop. It will persevere until our world has changed for the better. This revolution will be televised, will be broadcasted on the airwaves, and reach the masses. This revolution will be by the people, for the people, and finally for the freedoms we cherish so deeply. This Revolution will...



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To look upon shame.

A poem on shame.


Nows the time
When you think
You'll run away,
thinking of long ago
That cold wintry night
When your blood boiled
Upon the heat of your pride
But oh! how you'll pay.
But oh! When all else has failed
You'll turn away and hide.

The shame fills you
But oh! what can you do?
The die is cast, your future.
The stone's been carved, So long ago!
That night has comeback
The price must be paid
For your time is up
That which you've done
Shall now be done forthwith to you
For the threads of fate are spinning
Being woven ever faster to your end.

The Vultures circle
The trap's sprung
Now the cage is full
For my frightened rat
The time is up