Sunday, October 22, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Breath the Sweet Air of Freedom...

Freedom is only a butterfly
Or maybe a bird of pray
Forever fleeting and flying way
It matters not if we live or die
Freedoms from want
Freedoms from fear
Freedoms so close at hand
And held further from the heart
I wish to escape the circle of life
And soar on the wings
Of that bird of prey
Monotony and drudgery
Occupy the holes in the heart
Fills the void like only fear can
It's the beginning of week
Beginning of the end
It's only Monday
And already you are destined to die
With out those freedoms
And with out those feelings
Life becomes a never ending circle
A wedding band and a car tire
Round and round it goes
Where it stops, you should know
Escapism from Materialism
I live the simple life
And breath the sweet air of freedom.


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