Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
OKC Streets...

Nothing between us
With no smokes to be had
We wandered around downtown
And gave our silent prayers
To those ghosts occupying
Those oh so empty chairs
So many things I was taught
So many things I’ve yet to learn
Seven years at home
Two years too far away
And still no smokes to be had

Pool Hall junkies
Made up prostitutes
Two bottles of whiskey
And the stories that never get old
I lay claim to these streets
These City streets that I call home
OKC streets, I’m coming home.

Secrets that were dirty in the day
Dirtier than the streets of the city
Less energetic than Bricktown in the sun
And too expensive to let go
Rolled our pennies down the streets
Nickels and dimes and quarters too
Our habits became our life
Stained glass towers, Zio’s Italian
Billiards in the evening
Old Milwaukie swill kept the gut turning
And the dirty secrets between friends


Rain whipped and hungry
Disaster shredded Del town
Our factory was closed down
And 3001 stands ominous
Against the runway backdrop
My memories of the Huskies
Have faded since I went away
Rich kids in Mustangs
No longer want to play
Dirt Road rally racing
Speeding tickets everywhere we went
And a single lit cigarette fades away


Slinging papers and pizzas
Furniture and soda to meet
Our small apartment’s monthly rent
Barely scraping by only with our wit
Plunked down the dough in my pocket
For this forty that we’re splitting tonight
My future lies with you old friend
So save some space for me
On your hallowed streets of Edmond
I’ll be back for a small spell
I’m sure we’ll have our fun then



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  1. Dude, and you tell me that your stuff isn't as good? Nah, this is definetly better, top class...anyway I've no school tommorow so ill be on all day and whatnot.