Tuesday, October 03, 2006

To look upon shame.

A poem on shame.


Nows the time
When you think
You'll run away,
thinking of long ago
That cold wintry night
When your blood boiled
Upon the heat of your pride
But oh! how you'll pay.
But oh! When all else has failed
You'll turn away and hide.

The shame fills you
But oh! what can you do?
The die is cast, your future.
The stone's been carved, So long ago!
That night has comeback
The price must be paid
For your time is up
That which you've done
Shall now be done forthwith to you
For the threads of fate are spinning
Being woven ever faster to your end.

The Vultures circle
The trap's sprung
Now the cage is full
For my frightened rat
The time is up


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