Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

I learned in Stagecraft once a long long while ago about the use of colors in productions. Pink is used to bring out rosy cheeks and present a childish image. Green was used to present death or morbidness. Brings out shadows, sunken eyes, and the like.

Our world is going towards death and morbidness. Our own towns and districts are being consumed by the flesh eating, soul stealing minions that we as GOOD Americans VOTE into office. As a nation, we give the pedophiles, the morally corrupt, Foley's and Cunningham's some of the HIGHEST public offices available. Doesen't that seem a little wrong?

What's worse, when the dirty acts are found out about, the deeds go unpunished and forgotten. How long must we as a nation put up with this? How long?

An accquantice of mine was right, America's future is the selfish, uneducated, no-work-ethic, consumeristic childern we are raising today? These kids of today will STILL be voting in morons after we are long dead and gone. I predict that before 2050 Congress will have over run the political landscape, have near unlimited power, and be able to control peoples lies with out batting an eye. And that Congress will be run by the same godddamn type of people that run it today!

As a nation we need to rise up and shout, "No! No, we will not allow our nation to be ruled by the corrupt, by the wrong, and by the dishonorable. We will not allow our childern to suffer the same political wrong that we face today! We fight and we die for the way we live, for our freedoms, for our livelihoods, and for our futures!"

Our Nation, my friends, needs to show our government that it not okay to spy on our citizens, to have our soliders killed in unwinable wars, to pollute our air and level our majestic mountains. Stand up and shout NO! to the oppressers, to the polluters, to the corrupt, to the United States Congress. Let there be freedom. Let there be unity. Let there be education. Let the Black, the White, the Latino, the Asian, the Arab, and the Indian stand together and form a cohesive bond and become friends.

A new days is dawning my friends. These City Streets will be forever changed, and forever be dynamic. These City Street will not be quiet, they will not lie down. They will rise up and never again be the docile sheep that once ran free. These City Streets will be our playgrounds, our riotgrounds. This revolution will not be quelled, this revolution will not stop. It will persevere until our world has changed for the better. This revolution will be televised, will be broadcasted on the airwaves, and reach the masses. This revolution will be by the people, for the people, and finally for the freedoms we cherish so deeply. This Revolution will...



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