Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remember the Sacrifices

Remember all the soldiers, sailors,and Airmen, in all the wars who've fought and died around the world to help end conflicts, through both World Wars, and other battlegrounds and those currently in the armed services, serving in harms way, to protect and defend the rights of others.

A new year, again the parade
Pomp and circumstance
It never shall fade.
For long gone is your gloried prance,
A memory now dusty with age
The gas's long gone, and your life's returned
For the 11th hour on that 11th day you came away
Flanders Ypres Gallipoi
Their calls you escaped.

A generation and ten fold the horrors
All the streets mothers, again set to wailing
They pour their tears.
The drawn Curtain on jungles shadow is lifted.
The morals less clear, yet still you go forth in fear.

Many a year has passed, and now they've need of you once more.
The die is cast, another son off to war.
the line in the sand is new, but the feelings of old remain.
Victory for you bloodstained cover is not to be, for the bullet you could not stop.

Long ago a parting gift was gave,
and then was carried forth,
Through Flanders, portugal and Spain
Comfort was the words you gave,
far off upon that desert roof
Presiding over death
Never expecting your next call,
to come from thine own self.

many a fellow's brought you back,
for though you've a shabby jacket, your spine is strong.
For another generations call you wait, once more onto the beach.


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