Saturday, December 16, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

It's a good day today.

"But why John? Why is today a good day?"

Because I got to roll around in the dirt while getting my truck off the jack stands. Mostly I got my truck running again. It's been sitting idle in a storage lot with oil in the cylinders to keep "Betsy" (Yes, I named my truck) from freezing up. And she runs again! Now just to solve the mis-firing, the emmissions problems, and the mothball smell in the cab.

"Leatherneck" (my Saturn), got her water pump fixed this week too. So there's no more filling the coolant tank. For now at least. The only problems left are the frozen power door locks, the peeling clear coat on the door surrounds, and the speakers that cut in and out. "Leathernecks don't die, they adapt and survive." Fuckin right.

So I got dirty, my hair has vestages of motor oil in it, and things are going good. Hoo...Rah...


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