Monday, December 18, 2006

Johnny Rumble:

Yes, we made more changes. Switched the whole burrito and cheese sauce (mmm...Taco Bueno) over to "Blogger in Beta." Also made a couple of other visual enhancements. The green theme was getting a little old, along with the top banner, so those got switched. I'll report on why the U.N. flag is up there at another time. At the bottom of the page, little funny quotes will be cycled in and back out as I think of them. Hopefully, they will make you at least smile. We're currently thinking about what writing will occupy the banner on the left side of the page. Might take a few days to figure out.

Oh, and while the feel of the place might come off as a more serious and "up-right" blog, trust us, it's still the nonsence and stupidity that you can expect from a couple of teenage boys on different coasts.


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