Thursday, December 14, 2006

Johnny Rumble:
Transcendental Free Versing...

Put myself into a semi-lucid trance and started to free verse to see what would come out. It's not much, and it definatly far from complete, but it's at least something...

Materialism with materialist possessions
Super model looks, super model flair
Super fast car, all the aftermarket parts
You flash your cash, the ladies come hither
A lack of personality, such a catastrophe
Your night’s been flat-lined, hit with a clothes line
Open your mouth, idiot words pour on out
Whilst I sit in the corner and ponder
What ladies see in you I wonder?

Take a shot of my scotch, my vision is blotched
Continue stumbling around, all over this town
Evade the black-and-whites, on this lonely night
Slide around the corner, the distance I hear thunder
Find a place to run and hide, an alleyway I do ply
I ran into you, stunning, gorgeous, and intelligent too.

Took me by the hand, led me out of the storm
Offered a place to bed for the night, take pity in my plight
Rested my weary head, dreamed of scimitars and many dead
Nightmares kill my sleep, no more midnight eats
Your place seems familiar, I’ve been here before
My memories have faded since we last met
That night was cold dark damp and wet


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