Sunday, January 21, 2007

Johnny Rumble: 10 Legendary Songs for All Time

Yes, it's weird. Yes, they might be cheesy. But there is almost no doubt that these songs had huge impacts on the music that people listen to today...

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This : What more needs to be said here. While a cheesy song today, it was this hit that brought Rap and Hip-hop to the forefront of the modern music scene. Without the Hammer, Rap would more than likely still be a mostly underground scene. There would be no "bling bling," or "crunk."

Coolio - Gangstas Paradise : The beginning of the "gangsta hip-hop" trend. That, and it's so damn easy to learn the words.

Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight : Just listen to this song and notice the complete lack of crash cymbals in the drums. Set's up for a much darker, much more melodic and entrancing song. Basically...this song is the anti-drummer. Odd concidering Phil Collins IS a drummer.

War - Lowrider : The ultimate crusing song. Deserves a place in any automobiles CD collection. Low...ride...ahh. Get's a little higher.

The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop : The one song that started the entire punk scene in N. America. Fun, fast, and quirky to no end, it drips of energy. Guaranteed to get someone in the car singing along with.

D.O.A - Fucked Up Baby : absolute unknown. While Joey Keithley will be slow to admit it, D.O.A is the one band the jump started the Hardcore music genre. Not to mention that this song can fit a huge variety of situations. Politcal Rallies, to anger at your girlfriend.

Harold Faltermeyer - Top Gun Anthem : Let's not forget one of the reasons that Top Gun was so successful in All-Star Soundtrack. And while this song was created specifically for the movie, it did manage to capture the energy of the 1980's. Not to mention excellent guitar work. And those bells are quite haunting.

Jimmy Hendricks - Star Spangled Banner : There are no words great enough to express why this song is legendary. The song of 1960's and 70's. The song of the Vietnam War.

Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band - Turn The Page (live) : Emotional turmoil. And the how well the live recording went down is excellent. One almost feels as if your in the crowd, lighter held high.

The Eagles - Hotel California : So much deep and hidden meaning this song it's almost blantantly obvious. Listen to NOFX's version for a faster, dare I say, slightly better expirence.

And before anybody jumps down my throat, all the songs listed are a part of my collection and I do highly recommend finding them.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Johnny Rumble: You Can Never Go Home

Sitting at the Brick
Thinking alone
How much I miss my home
But I can never go back
It will never be the same
Never the same game

My family, my old friends
My old way of life
Disappeared into the sands of time
I miss the good times
But i can never go home
I left that world behind

Ready and Willing
Able but not always capable
My bags are packed
Tickets in my fist
Attention deficit
I'll never go home.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

Trav the Spazz:

So I finished my poetry unit in class, and came out with one good poem, but unfortunately I think that I threw it out, if I find it I will post it, and in the future I won't throw anything away until after I decide to upload it, mainly so this doesn't happen again.


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Johnny Rumble: Resolutions

1.) Lose some weight.
2.) Stop being a total dick everybody. (Perhaps occational dick is okay)
3.) Pass all classes. (Sex with hot female professer optional)
4.) Make a couple of friends.
5.) Potentially find a girlfriend. (Abstinance is a good thing)
6.) Figure out just what the hell I'm gonna do come June/July. (I fell into a burning ring of fire...)
7.) Get arrested for being an obnoxious ass. (I went down down down as the flames grew higher...)
8.) Finish tailoring my homemade bondage pants. (And it burns burns burns...)
9.) Finish patching and mending my vest. (That ring of fire, that ring of fire.)
10.) Remove little voice inside my head that constantly replays Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." (Never!)