Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Johnny Rumble: Resolutions

1.) Lose some weight.
2.) Stop being a total dick everybody. (Perhaps occational dick is okay)
3.) Pass all classes. (Sex with hot female professer optional)
4.) Make a couple of friends.
5.) Potentially find a girlfriend. (Abstinance is a good thing)
6.) Figure out just what the hell I'm gonna do come June/July. (I fell into a burning ring of fire...)
7.) Get arrested for being an obnoxious ass. (I went down down down as the flames grew higher...)
8.) Finish tailoring my homemade bondage pants. (And it burns burns burns...)
9.) Finish patching and mending my vest. (That ring of fire, that ring of fire.)
10.) Remove little voice inside my head that constantly replays Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." (Never!)


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