Friday, March 16, 2007

Johnny Rumble: Two New Poems

Yep...two new poems. I was hopped up on Caffine and suger, and this was a night I had just spent walking around the base with the girlfriend doing absoultly nothing. So it was midnight and I'm lying in bed and BAM!!! the first one just starts writing itself out, and the second short afterward. Anyway, enjoy.

To dream upon a spring midnight,
Gentle breeze softly caressing the hillside thistle.
I stare into the blue jewels that kings forever seek.
I wonder what Man could ever be so lucky.
With a beauty so classic,
We spend our youth watching
A sinking sun paint its portrait.
Gold and oranges and shades of blue,
I lean over to seal the day away
And lead time astray, How lucky is this man.

Floating through the sky,
on a cloud known only as "nine,"
I ponder what makes me happy.
She turns her her cool blue gaze upon me,
and I fall for her all over again.

John KWP/Lee-Woah

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